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From point and click time-wasters to incredible virtual reality worlds, mobile gaming is the future of digital entertainment. We’ll break down all you need to know about some of the best games you can hold in the palm of your hand.

rocket league sideswipe mobile game
Rocket League Sideswipe Mobile Game Coming in 2021

I’m not one to dismiss mobile games. They offer a different experience that can achieve some wonderful things when done right. That said, some mobile games try too hard to emulate the console or PC […]

March 26, 2021
genshin impact mobile revenue
Genshin Impact Mobile Revenue Tops $1 Billion in Under Six Months

Genshin Impact, one of the hottest games around the world, might not be on the radar of some American gamers. While the game is certainly available in the U.S. and many play it, it’s a […]

March 25, 2021
genshin impact revenue
Genshin Impact Revenue Nears $6 Million a Day

Genshin Impact is a phenomenon in terms of mobile games turning popular. You’d think in a crowded market that it might take some time for newcomers to stand out. Well, think again; Genshin Impact revenue is […]

December 4, 2020
pokemon go revenue
Pokemon Go Revenue Crosses $1 Billion YTD, $4 Billion Lifetime

It’s funny to see how well Pokemon Go continues to fare during the COVID-19 pandemic. Firstly, a game with the name “Go” in the title presupposes the act of going places. In short, we’ve been told not to […]

November 4, 2020
xcom 2 complete for mobile
XCOM 2 Collection For Mobile Coming Soon To iOS Devices

One of the most illustrious games in the RTS genre is coming to mobile devices. The XCOM 2 Collection for mobile will bring the complete version of the game to iOS devices this year. If you […]

October 14, 2020
the history of among us
The History of Among Us – 2020’s Surprise Hit

It’s been a wild year for many reasons. For the developers at InnerSloth, a huge part of this year’s surprises is the popularity of their two year old game. While some people played Among Us before […]

October 5, 2020
fortnite is kicked off the app store
Fortnite Is Kicked Off The App Store And Google Play Store

The biggest game on the planet is now no longer playable on most mobile devices. This headline is certainly a surprise after a tough turn of events, but it seemed inevitable. The way that many […]

August 14, 2020
apple rejects xcloud
Apple Rejecting xCloud Due To App Store Policy

Xbox Game Pass is going to soon include xCloud services for over 100 Xbox One games. This feature adds to the already impressive offerings from the Microsoft subscription service. xCloud, dubbed the “Netflix of Gaming” […]

August 7, 2020
pokemon go turns four
Pokemon GO Turns Four and Crosses $3.6 Billion in Revenue

Pokemon GO turns four this month and the game is stronger than ever. As Niantic hoped, the game has not lost its player base. Instead, the game is played now more than ever. The first summer […]

July 7, 2020
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