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We don’t just recap the best TV and movies starring the genre characters we love. No, we dive deep into the characters and story, and breaking it down for fans or those want to understand why these modern myths are some of our greatest literature.

Avengers/FF: Empyre #1 Plants the Seeds for a Massive Event

Originally, Avengers/FF: Empyre, which kicked off this week with issue #1, was going to be a much bigger event. But because of the Coronavirus pandemic and the quarantines, Marvel Comics had to reschedule and rethink […]

July 19, 2020
ReviewsTV Shows
Cursed Review – Katherine Langford Carries This Adequate Netflix Adaptation

It’s been a few months since the last fantasy series arrived on a streaming service, which means that it’s already time for another one! Cursed is Netflix’s latest available show, and its previous sneak peeks made it […]

July 18, 2020
Inception Retro Review – Revisiting Christopher Nolan’s Chaotic Masterpiece Ten Years Later

We all have our favorite movies. Whether they made us laugh, cry, or smile harder than any other film out there, something made it stick with us. Now, it may or not be on your […]

July 17, 2020
We Should Talk Review – A Modern Take on Romance Sims

Romance sims are either fairly normal or totally perverse. A lot of the visual novels I play tend to leave me a little letdown. Therefore, I’m happy to see something like We Should Talk getting the […]

July 14, 2020
The Only Good Indians Review: Hope Made Flesh

In Frank Waln’s song “What Made the Red Man Red,” the Sicangu Lakota rapper says, “We’re from the land, it made us strong.” The history of the indigenous relationship with land is one marked by […]

July 13, 2020
Anime NewsReviews
The God of High School Episode Two Review

The first episode of an anime is usually the set-up. After that, we start to learn a little more about the characters, world, and narrative we’re strapping in for. The God of High School really set […]

July 13, 2020
The Old Guard Netflix Review – A Fitting Film for 2020’s Wild Ride

Summer is usually one of the best times for movies. It’s early enough that nothing dramatic gets called “Oscar Bait,” and school-aged kids and teenagers can go to late-night showings without worry. Drive-in theatres even […]

July 11, 2020
Anime NewsReviews
The God of High School Review – Episode One

It’s hard talking about new anime sometimes. Each season, tons of new shows come out and sort of overwhelming fans as they pick and choose what to watch. Hopefully, this The God of High School […]

July 7, 2020
ReviewsTV Shows
Review: The Final Season of Dark Attempts To Untangle the Time-Travel Knot

Dark ended after the conclusion of its third and final season that dropped on Netflix over the weekend. The fascinating time-travel drama set up an elaborately woven knot of timelines that the final season strove […]

July 2, 2020
Retro-Review: Attack The Block Is A Gritty Alien Romp With A Powerful Message About The Black Experience

The sci-fi film Attack The Block came out in 2011, but nearly a decade later the messages in the movie are more relevant than ever. In the wake of the Black Lives Matter protests around […]

June 28, 2020