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We don’t just recap the best TV and movies starring the genre characters we love. No, we dive deep into the characters and story, and breaking it down for fans or those want to understand why these modern myths are some of our greatest literature.

Pictured: Sonequa Martin Green as Burnham and Doug Jones as Saru of the Paramount+ original series STAR TREK: DISCOVERY. Photo Cr: Michael Gibson/Paramount+ © 2021 CBS Interactive. All Rights Reserved.
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All Is Possible In Latest Star Trek: Discovery Episode, Including Certain Death

One of the great things about Star Trek shows is that you can have a thrilling action-adventure story or one about politics and intrigue. The framework created by Gene Rodenberry and improved upon by countless […]

December 9, 2021
Episode 4 Hawkeye Clint Barton Kate Bishop Hailee Steinfeld Jeremy Renner
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Hawkeye Episode 4 Is A Mostly Low-Key Affair Pointing Towards The Endgame

The latest chapter of Hawkeye debuted Wednesday, and fans have come to expect big things from episode 4 of a Marvel Studios series. It was when we saw Monica Rambeau’s journey into Westview. It was […]

December 8, 2021
Big Brain Academy: Brain vs Brain Review
Big Brain Academy: Brain Vs. Brain Review – Flex Your Mind Muscle

Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training was a huge hit in the Nintendo DS era. Here in the West, we knew the game as Brain Age. The series of minigames helped players use their brains in specific […]

December 7, 2021
The Flash Black Lightning Armageddon Barry Allen Jefferson Pierce Cress Williams Grant Gustin
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Black Lightning Saves The Flash In Part 3 Of The Armageddon Crossover Event

The series finale of Black Lightning was a satisfying one save for the fact that no one wanted his story to end. Thankfully, in the Arrowverse, anyone can come back. Cress Williams suits up as […]

December 2, 2021
forza horizon 5 review
Forza Horizon 5 Review: The Impeccable Series Continues to Improve

The Forza Motorsport series approached racing games with precision and attention to the finest details of driving. When expanding into a more exploratory, carefree experience, Forza Horizon offered an even more intense look at what freedoms and […]

November 30, 2021
DC ComicsReviewsTV Shows
Armageddon Episode 2 Tells Us Where Joe West Is In The Flash Season 8

The Armageddon event on The Flash is a new (and old) kind of CW crossover. Whereas crossovers in the past have been all about the ensemble, these are still individual episodes of a single series. […]

November 26, 2021
Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Review
Pokémon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl Review

While I can’t say that Pokémon Sword and Shield captured my attention the way past titles did, they brought some great updates and changes. A few of those quality of life improvements made their way into the […]

November 24, 2021
(L-R): Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) and Hawkeye/Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) in Marvel Studios' HAWKEYE, exclusively on Disney+. Photo by Chuck Zlotnick. ©Marvel Studios 2021. All Rights Reserved. Hawkeye premiere episodes review Disney+
MarvelReviewsTV Shows
Spoiler-Free Review: The Premiere Episodes Of Hawkeye Opens Up The Street-Level MCU

The newest Marvel Studios television series gives the last of the original six Avengers his solo outing, but it also introduces the next-generation Hawkeye. Kate Bishop made her first appearance in Marvel Comics in Young […]

November 23, 2021
Tick tick boom review netflix
Tick, Tick… Boom! Netflix Review – Andrew Garfield Breaks New Ground

What is it with our love for creators whose work only becomes universally acclaimed after their passing? It’s a tale as old as time, and it often leaves us wondering how they would feel if […]

November 22, 2021
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