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Once thought of as funny books for children, comic books are both high-art and literature in their own right. We dive deep into the history, latest news, and analysis of this fantastic medium.

Who is Ant-Man
Who Is Ant-Man – The King of the Quantum Realm

Today we will learn more about who is Ant-Man (Scott Lang), one of the Marvel Comics superheroes who gained a lot of popularity thanks to the MCU. This superhero has appeared in several movies, including […]

November 7, 2022
1940 Batman Comic
DC Comics
1940 Batman Comic Book Auctioned At PWCC’s November Premier Auction

PWCC will auction a rarity starting today, November 3, one of the first official Batman comic books. It is Batman #4, which is in excellent condition, according to the auctioneer’s comments. This 1940 Batman comic […]

November 3, 2022
The Nightmare before Christmas prequel to be released in 2023

After almost 30 years of waiting, we finally have an update regarding the ‘The Nightmare before Christmas’ prequel! It’s officially coming in 2023 in a form of a comic book. Read on to find out […]

November 2, 2022
Conan the Barbarian Comics
Conan The Barbarian Comics New Series Released

Conan the Barbarian has triumphed in comics, novels, and movies and will have a new production saga. We are referring to a new series of Conan the Barbarian comics, although this time, it will not […]

November 2, 2022
Who is Red Hulk
Who Is Red Hulk? General Thaddeus E. “Thunderbolt” Ross

Red Hulk is a character published by Marvel Comics. His name is General Thaddeus E. “Thunderbolt” Ross. He represents a fictional anti-hero and is a bitter enemy of the Hulk. He is mainly known as […]

November 1, 2022
Rick and Morty Comic
Rick and Morty Comic, Celebrating Issue #100

Rick And Morty Comic is celebrating issue #100. This is a resounding success considering that the creators never thought they would reach such a number. The television mini-series is a resounding success, considering it’s already […]

October 30, 2022
hawkgirl dc comics
DC Comics
Hawkgirl Wanted: Hawkman Aldis Hodge is searching for Hawkgirl

Just days before the newest DC movie ‘Black Adam’ hit the theatres in October 2022, Aldis Hodge participated in an interview, expressing his wishes to find himself a Hawkgirl! As many actresses and voice actresses […]

October 28, 2022
Who is Kang
Who Is Kang The Conqueror: A Menace Throughout Time

Today we are going to learn about who is Kang the Conqueror. Thanks to the MCU, an essential Marvel villain will soon take a lot of relevance. For good heroes to exist, it is essential […]

October 28, 2022
Star Wars Visions Comic
Star Wars Visions Comic Resurrects Old Character

The Star Wars Visions comic series may not be canon, but that doesn’t make it any less exciting! In some ways, not being canon means the writers can explore things more. They can craft intriguing storylines […]

October 27, 2022
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