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Just because a comics publisher isn’t a household name doesn’t mean that the stories they tell won’t change your life. From small houses with big dreams, these are the comics that help shape the future of the medium.

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What Monthly Indie Comics You Should Read This November

The days are growing darker, the weather’s getting colder, but the comics are getting better. But after a hard summer of playing the delay and catch-up game, things are returning to normal…ish. So, what does […]

November 5, 2020
sacrifice of darkness
In Roxane Gay’s The Sacrifice of Darkness, She and an Outstanding Creative Team Give Us a Beautiful Love Story About Light, Darkness, and Biscuits

For our October indie graphic novel selections, we named Roxane Gay’s The Sacrifice of Darkness, with co-writer Tracy Lynne Oliver, and artists Rebecca Kirby and James Fenner. From the moment the original cover debuted, this […]

October 25, 2020
Indie Graphic Novels You Should Read October 2020, Dracula Motherf**ker, Sacrifice of Darkness, Frankenstein Undone, Mike Mignola, Roxane Gay, Alex de Campi, Image Comics, Boom! Studios, Dark Horse Comics, IDW Publishing, Kill Lock
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What Indie Graphic Novels You Should Read October 2020

It’s Halloween! Forget calling it October; we all know it’s the month of Halloween. All Hollow’s Eve. Age of the Pumpkin Spiced Latté.  Regardless of what you call October, we have a great selection of […]

October 5, 2020
What Monthly Indie Comics You Should Read October, The Scumbag, Sex Criminals, The Devil’s Red Bride, Scarenthood, Rick Remender, Chip Zdarsky, Matt Fraction, Sebastin Gerner, Image Comics, Vault Comics, IDW Publishing
What Monthly Indie Comics You Should Read October 2020

Moving away from the big Superhero houses, we’re looking at the monthly indie comics you should read this October. We have a brand new series from an industry great—and it’s already breaking records and a […]

October 4, 2020
What Monthly Indie Comics You Should Read THis September
What Monthly Indie Comics You Should Read This September

While DC and Marvel are the lifeblood of the comic industry, indie comics inject much-needed energy. Even if they don’t sell as much as most superhero books, people still cherish them—often buying them in trades […]

September 6, 2020
Marguerite Bennett, Aftershock Comics, Elton Thomasi
What Indie Comics You Should Read This August

Though Marvel and DC Comics have both rebounded from the lockdown (mostly), the Indie comics community is still reeling from the shutdown. Sadly, some indie comics, and even entire publishers, are not likely to survive […]

August 13, 2020
March Trilogy, March: Book One, Representative John Lewis, Martin Luther King Jr, Civil Rights Era, Big 6, graphic novels, teaching graphic novels, congress, barack obama
Representative John Lewis, Civil Rights Icon and Author of the March Trilogy, Dies at 80-years-old

It’s not very often that we have to cover a person in politics on a comic book website. However, today, we’re mourning the loss of one of our own who happens to be a member […]

July 18, 2020
Mute, Madi: Once Upon a Time in the Future, Alex De Campi, Hollywood Reporter, Kickstarter, Annie Wu, Yukko Shimizu, Kitty Cops, Netflix, Moon, “Moon Trilogy”, Duncan Jones, Graphic Novel, Annie Wu, Yukko Shimizu, Kitty Cops, Duncan Fegredo, Jacob Phillips
Duncan Jones Will Conclude His “Moon Trilogy” as a Graphic Novel

In 2009, Duncan Jones made his directorial debut with the indie sci-fi hit Moon, with Sam Rockwell, launching a thematic trilogy. After Moon, he made the underrated Source Code, and the fan-loved Warcraft. It wasn’t […]

May 20, 2020
Eisner Hall of Fame, Alison Bechdel
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Eisner Hall of Fame Nominees Include Legends Like Simonson, Bechdel, Watterson and More

It’s hard to believe that we’re already voting for the 2020 Eisner Awards, the “Oscars of Comics.” Even though we don’t know who the nominees will be for the standard awards, we do have a […]

January 27, 2020
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