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Just because a comics publisher isn’t a household name doesn’t mean that the stories they tell won’t change your life. From small houses with big dreams, these are the comics that help shape the future of the medium.

Foreign Comic Books
Top 10 Foreign Comic Books to Help You Learn New Language

One picture is better than a hundred words. Do you know which is even better? Pictures with words! It was from this simple idea that comic books were born. Today, comics are one of the […]

August 6, 2021
Scott Snyder ComiXology Exclusive, Greg Capullo, Tula Lotay, Jamal Igle, Dan Panosian, Rafael Albuquerque, Francis Manapul, Francesco Francavilla, Jock, We Have Demons, Barnstormers, Dudley Datson and the Forever Machine, Canary, Duck and Cover, Clear, Francesco Francavilla, Jock, Dark Horse Comics, Best Jacket Press, Indie Comics
COMICSDark HorseIndependent
Scott Snyder ComiXology Exclusive Indie Deal Is One Of The Biggest In Indie Comic History

Now that Scott Snyder is finished bringing his brand of event insanity to DC Comics, he’s off making his own indie comics. And he finished at DC Comics with a bang – a headbang, that […]

August 3, 2021
Cyberpunk comic book, Alex Smith, James Dillenbeck, black vans, Kickstarter, LGBTQIA+, queer characters
A Cyberpunk Comic Book That Is Too Awesome For Words

There are a lot of comic book projects on Kickstarter, and we’ve featured a few at Comic Years, such as Stan Lee’s Backchannel Kickstarter. Every so often, we come across one that we just have […]

July 10, 2021
Interactive Graphic Novel, Bubba Dutch Studios, Cursed Swords Logbook, Marvel Comics, Spider-Woman Motion Comic, The Boat graphic novel, Mozart graphic novel, Independent Comics
An Interactive Graphic Novel? The Cursed Swords Logbook Wants To Redefine The Graphic Novel Experience

You may have already heard of interactive graphic novels – or IGN for short. For instance, The Boat is an incredibly immersive online comic experience. The Land of the Magic Flute retells Mozart’s opera in […]

June 30, 2021
Y: The Last Man Premiere on FX on Hulu
Y: The Last Man Premiere On FX On Hulu Set For September

We’re entering that unusual season of television that comes with warmer weather. Of course, streaming changed the traditional approach to summer programming. That said, network channels still use this time to air re-runs and lower […]

June 4, 2021
Stan Lee’s Backchannel Kickstarter, Rocketship Comics, Marvel Comics, Spider-Man, X-Men, Tom Ackel, Andie Tong, webcomics
Stan Lee’s Backchannel Kickstarter: The Last Work of the Comics Legend

Like many great creators, Stan Lee still has new work coming out – not even death could slow down Stan the Man. Just yesterday at 3:17 PM, Rocketbook launched the Kickstarter for Stan Lee’s Backchannel […]

April 20, 2021
How to Start Drawing Comics
How to Start Drawing Comics

Comics have been here for a while already and managed to raise an army of devoted fans. In fact, this type of art stands out from the rest and helps many people reveal their creative […]

April 1, 2021
Kickstarter Bookshop, SFSX: Terms of Service, Blanco: The Truth Will Set You Free, Marco Lopez, David Brame, Tina Horn, Image Comics, Puerto Rico Strong, Eisner Awards, LAMBDA
Kickstarter And Bookshop Joining Together To Promote Indie Graphic Novels

Some of the best graphic novels began as Kickstarter campaigns, but rarely do we see them in our local bookshop. Or on Amazon, for that matter. However, we might see one of those problems start […]

March 18, 2021
Indie Graphic Novels you should read this November, Black, Black AF, Black AF Widows and Orphans, Ever: The Way Out, On the Stump, Terry Moore, Image Comics, Abstract Studios, Black Mask Studios, Black Mask Studios
What Indie Graphic Novels You Should Read This November 2020

When we think of November, we usually think of Thanksgiving—that holiday that’s getting increasingly more uncomfortable to celebrate. But every four years, November is election month, especially when we have a new president starting the […]

November 9, 2020
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