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TKO Studios Will Adapt A Roxane Gay Graphic Novel – The Banks – Into A Movie

News broke last week that TKO Studios will adapt The Banks – a graphic novel by Roxane Gay – for film adaptation. The Banks “tells the story of three generations of female master thieves in Chicago […]

August 18, 2020
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Why We Should Abolish The ‘Classic Canon’ In Sci-Fi and Fantasy Fiction

There has been a lot of discussion lately about what is considered ‘canon’ in the world of genre fiction. In light of the recent Hugo’s backlash, many authors have taken to social media to share […]

August 15, 2020
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Hulu Will Adapt Mexican Gothic, The New Novel By Silvia Moreno-Garcia

The new novel by acclaimed author Silvia Moreno-Garcia – Mexican Gothic – will become a limited series on Hulu. Published in June, the title has generated a lot of buzz since its release. And it has […]

August 12, 2020
The New Andy Weir Novel – Project Hail Mary – Will Be Out In May 2021

Author Andy Weir rose to fame with his novel The Martian. The subsequent hit movie directed by Ridley Scott and starring Matt Damon has made the author’s future projects quite lucrative. Weir announced his upcoming novel […]

August 12, 2020
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Terry Pratchett’s The Watch To Air On BBC In January 2021

The late Terry Pratchett is finding new life in several adaptations that are currently in the works. Last year we reported on an adaptation from the BBC of several Pratchett novels into The Watch. Now […]

August 11, 2020
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Christopher Eccleston Will Reprise His Role As The Doctor In New Audio Adventures

Actor Christopher Eccleston is returning to the role he once swore never to play again. This week it was announced that Eccleston would once more play the Doctor. But don’t expect to see him onscreen […]

August 10, 2020
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Will Amazon Prime Develop Spin-Off Shows From The Expanse? The Authors Discuss The Possibility.

James S.A. Corey – the authors behind the popular Expanse books – may know when season 5 of the hit show will be coming to Amazon Prime. But they aren’t telling us quite yet. On Twitter, […]

August 10, 2020
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Amazon To Adapt Another Octavia Butler Series: Wild Seed With Nnedi Okorafor Co-Writing

The adaptation train at Amazon keeps chugging along in the midst of the pandemic. And it seems like they have their sights set on adapting every major Octavia Butler series. We already knew that an […]

August 9, 2020
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AMC Options Sorcerers, a Psychedelic Hip-Hop Fantasy Series

AMC has long been invested in the genre television game. Hit shows like The Walking Dead have brought major clout to their network. Recently they have been picking up books for adaptation, such as the […]

August 6, 2020
Audiobooks & PodcastsPop Culture
John Boyega and Darren Criss Join Forces For Scripted Podcast “There Be Monsters”

The ongoing pandemic has affected the production schedules of many forms of entertainment. And in order to bring new entertainment to the masses, people are forced to get a little creative. Enter scripted podcasts, they’re […]

August 4, 2020