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Comic-Con At Home: Lucasfilm Publishing Panel Rounds Up All The New Star Wars Novels & Comics

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BY February 10, 2021

With the upcoming Star Wars publishing event – The High Republic – officially delayed until 2021, there wasn’t a ton of news coming out of the Lucasfilm publishing panel that happened during Comic-Con at home yesterday. However the panel did reveal a couple of new titles in the world of Star Wars novels and comic books. Here is a quick run-down of what the Lucasfilm publishing panel revealed yesterday.

A New Thrawn Trilogy From Author Timothy Zahn

Thrawn Ascendency Image via Lucasfilm Publishing

Among the authors on the panel was long-time Star Wars writer Timothy Zahn. Zahn has a new trilogy coming out focused on the origins of his famous Thrawn character. The books will also chronicle the rise of the alien Chiss in the galaxy. During the Comic-Con at home panel, Zahn said that he will delve into Chiss civilization. “Exploring how the families work; how the military works, their relationships with others in the area.” He also said that he has been writing the character of Thrawn for so long, that it is like meeting up with an old friend. “I’ve got his mental patterns, his tactical ideas pretty much established in my mind. I just have to put him in new situations.”

An excerpt of the first novel Thrawn Ascendency: Chaos Rising is available to read now on It will be out on September 1, 2020.

A New Vader Comic Series Explores His Emotional World

Vader Comics Image via Lucasfilm Publishing

Writer Greg Pak is releasing a series of comics around the character of Darth Vader. These stories will take place after the events of Empire Strikes Back. During the Comic-Con at home panel, Pak spoke about Vader during the climactic moment when he reveals that he is Luke’s father: “We tend to think of that from Luke’s point of view. But when you dig into that, you realize Vader himself is as traumatized as Luke is in that moment. And that moment is echoed purposefully multiple times throughout the series.”

Pak will tie in elements of the prequel trilogy for the Vader comics. This also includes Sabé who was one of the many handmaids that protected Padmé during the prequel trilogy. It sounds like this series will be a deep dive into Vader’s mental and emotional state, something that we don’t see often in the world of Star Wars

Doctor Aphra Has A New Crew

Doctor Aphra Comics Image via Lucasfilm Publishing

Also on the docket is a comic book run focused on the character of Doctor Aphra. This fan-favorite character so far exists only in the Star Wars comics. She was originally created by writer Kieron Gillen for another Darth Vader comic series. Her popularity led to a spin-off title of her own in 2016. Now, author Alyssa Wong is taking the reins of Aphra’s story and creating new adventures for the character.

“She’s got a new crew,” Wong during the Comic-Con at home panel. This crew includes ‘a disgraced professor, a vicious grad student, and a classic, dashingly handsome rogue.’ Wong also said that she wanted to write the ‘classic, handsome Star Wars smuggler character’ as an East Asian man. In regards to Aphra: Wong has “a deep weakness for characters who are really selfish. Who are forced by the moral compass that they keep trying to crush to do something good for other people.”

Lucasfilm Publishing Hints At Stories From A Certain Point Of View

Star Wars From A Certain Point of View Image via Lucasfilm Publishing

Star Wars is celebrating the 40th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back this year, so it is no surprise that much of the upcoming stories relate to that movie. A recent announcement from Lucasfilm publishing promised the anthology From A Certain Point of View. In this book 40 authors will tell 40 stories related to Empire, from the point of view of side characters. Author Tom Angleberger was on the Comic-Con at home panel, and he was extremely excited about the story he wrote for the anthology. Angleberger says that he is sworn to secrecy on details of his contribution. But he did drop a hint that his story has to do with ‘the Whills.’ The Ancient Order of the Whills are deeply embedded in Star Wars mythology, but they remain fairly mysterious. It will be interesting to see some of them in action for Angleberger’s short story.

There is also another anthology on the way. The Comic-Con at home panel for Lucasfilm publishing briefly touched on Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Stories of Light and Dark. This anthology contains stories from Rebecca Roanhorse, Yoon Ha Lee, and Tom Angleberger among others. This middle grade book will cover the events of the Clone Wars from various characters. It is due out on August 25, 2020.

Other Star Wars Books Upcoming

Star Wars Lightsaber Collection Image via Lucasfilm Publishing

The Comic-Con at home panel for Lucasfilm publishing also indicated several middle grade novels in the works. There will be a relaunch of the Star Wars Adventures comics from IDW. Poe Dameron will get his backstory fleshed out in a new novel from Alex Segura titled Freefall. And Preeti Chhibber has written a children’s picture book A Jedi You Will Be that explains the concept of the Force to little kids.

There is also a pair of books from author George Mann: Myths & Fables and Dark Legends tell stories from the Star Wars universe in the form of fairy-tales. These books will unfortunately only be available for purchase at the Galaxy’s Edge theme park in Disney. There will also be an official visual guide for the theme park in The Art Of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Another visual guide is also forthcoming in The Lightsaber Collection, an art book that vividly illustrates the Jedi’s iconic weapon and the canonical wielders.

So despite the unfortunate delay of the next big Star Wars publishing event in The High Republic, there are still plenty of Star Wars books to get excited about. For more coverage of Comic-Con at home, be sure to follow Comic Years on Facebook and Twitter today.



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