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The High Republic Finally Officially Launches A New Era of Star Wars Storytelling This Week

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BY January 4, 2021

After much delay, a new wave of stories set in the Star Wars galaxy launches this week with The High Republic. As we have covered previously, The High Republic is a series of interconnected books, comics, and short stories. They all take place during the Golden Age of the Jedi. These stories are not necessarily connected to the upcoming Disney+ show The Acolyte which is due to to take place during the final days of The High Republic. Of course, with Star Wars being Star Wars, it is possible that all or some of the events of The High Republic books and comics will lead up to The Acolyte. If not, that’s okay, too. This multimedia series opens up a whole new avenue of the Star Wars universe for exploration.

Star Wars The High Republic Image via Lucasfilm Publishing

The High Republic Launches After A Long Delay

Authors from The High Republic also took to YouTube today for a livestream event discussing the publishing event. Among the authors included were Charles Soule, whose novel Light of the Jedi is on sale January 5, 2021 and officially kicks off The High Republic. The book will introduce a new cast of characters, as well as a cataclysmic event known as “The Great Disaster” that will affect everything in this interconnected storytelling event.

Light of the Jedi Image via Lucasfilm

Other authors for The High Republic include Justina Ireland, whose teen fiction novel A Test of Courage will also be released this week. Claudia Gray’s YA novel Into The Dark is due for release on February 2, 2021. Comics set during the era will also be published by IDW in the upcoming months. According to the authors, this is just the first phase of the storytelling initiative that plans to stretch for years to come.

Expecting The Unexpected In A New Era For Star Wars

The High Republic will not only feature new characters, but also new aliens in the Star Wars galaxy. Some of them have unexpected connections to the Jedi, and the nature of the Force itself. Expect the unexpected from the new Lucasfilm publishing event. (But don’t worry, Yoda will still show up.)

Light of the Jedi by Charles Soule is out on January 5, 2021. The rest of The High Republic will follow as 2021 unfolds. Since the narrative of the whole story is non-linear, you can feel free to jump in to The High Republic wherever you like. Whether that be with the adult fiction novels, or the upcoming comic books. There is a High Republic story for every Star Wars fan. Perfect to fill the gap until more Disney+ shows or Star Wars films arrive.

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