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Scholastic Entertainment Working on Animorphs Movie Adaptation

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BY June 23, 2020
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There are some books from your childhood that you’ll always remember, no matter how long it has been since you stepped inside a middle school library. Animorphs is one of those series of books. The 54 books were released from 1996 through to 2001 and dealt with some pretty intense themes. However, they’re easily memorable by anyone who even picked up a copy, as the cover art always depicted the exciting process of a human morphing into an animal. A whole new generation will be introduced to these books through the newly announced Animorphs movie adaptation.

Animorphs To Hit The Big Screen With Movie Adaptation

Katherine Applegate and Michael Grant wrote the Animorphchildren’s books together under the penname of K.A. Applegate. Their stories follow five humans and an alien who are all able to transform into the animals that they come into physical contact with. Though the ability in itself is pretty neat, they use it for more than just fun childhood adventures. They go on to battle the dangerous aliens who have infiltrated the planet.

The books are a huge hit with children and teens around the world. Millions of copies of each book have been sold. The success inspired a toy line created by Hasbro, as well as a shortlived television series. People didn’t just love these stories because of the fantasy element, but because of how genuine each character felt. Topics of morality, leadership, friendship, and family were as common as the actual transformations were, allowing readers to feel heard, be inspired, and have their creativity encouraged all at once.

The movie adaptation of Animorphs is being created by Scholastic Entertainment and Erik Feig through the Picturestart banner. Scholastic Entertainment and Picturestart began a partnership in 2019, creating a deal to develop more film adaptations of Scholastic Entertainment work. Michael Grant also revealed on Twitter that he and Katherine Applegate will be involved. In addition to the on-screen adaptation, Scholastic will also be launching an Animorphs graphic novel series.

Animorphs Graphic Novel Image via Scholastic Graphix

Animorphs Joins List Of Exciting Adaptations

The upcoming Animorphs adaptation isn’t the only Scholastic Entertainment creation to look forward to. Earlier this year a Goosebumps live-action adaptation was announced. So, whether you want to re-experience your old favorite stories or introduce them to others, our childhood imaginations are about to be given a new spark of inspiration.

Are you excited to see how a movie adaptation of Animorphs turns out? Let us know your hopes for the film!

Featured image via Scholastic Corporation.


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