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The Launch of The High Republic Means There Are New Official Star Wars Timelines

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BY February 10, 2021

The Star Wars galaxy is always expanding. And with the launch of The High Republic, as well as the slate of current and upcoming Disney+ shows that means some fans might have questions about when certain stories take place. To clarify the ongoing events of the Star Wars universe, Lucasfilm has put out a new official timeline. Let’s take a look at how the Star Wars galaxy will be categorized moving forward.

The High Republic Is Now Officially The Earliest Point In The Star Wars Timeline

Star Wars Timeline Image via Lucasfilm

Fans might be surprised to learn that in this newly released Star Wars timeline, the new era of The High Republic is the earliest point in time. This era encompasses the upcoming books and comics that are due for release over the course of the coming year. The first of these stories is the new book Light of the Jedi by Charles Soule, that details a cataclysmic galaxy-wide event called The Great Disaster.

Light of the Jedi Image via Lucasfilm

The era of The High Republic takes place approximately 200 years before the beginning of The Fall of the Jedi. An upcoming Star Wars show on Disney+ called The Acolyte will be set during the end of The High Republic.  This series should connect The High Republic era with the canon of the prequel films.

What Happened To The Old Republic?

Next STar WArs movie 2022 Old Republic Coruscant via Lucasfilm Image via Lucasfilm

Curiously this timeline does not include the era of The Old Republic. However, this era does still appear appear to be canon in the Star Wars universe.  The Old Republic has primarily been seen in various Star Wars video games. This includes the best ever Star Wars game known to man: The Knights of the Old Republic. There was also a popular Star Wars MMO simply called The Old Republic. Excluding this era from the official timeline seems to indicate that the Old Republic is no longer part of canon. However, the Old Republic is actually referenced in several Star Wars films. This means that the era at least must remain canonical. The events of the games obviously are not part of the new Star Wars canon. But that doesn’t mean we will stop wishing for a KOTOR series, or a new game from Bioware.

Where Do The New Disney+ Shows Fit Into The Timeline?

Mandalorian Books Image via Lucasfilm Publishing/Abrams Books

In a huge announcement last month, Disney+ released a slate of new Star Wars shows that would be coming to the streaming network. After the success of The Mandalorian, Disney+ is ramping up production on more shows set in the Star Wars universe. But with so many disparate series on the horizon, it can be tricky to figure out when the shows will take place.

For example, The Mandalorian is set during the era of The New Republic. But we don’t yet know for sure what other shows will take place during this time. It is almost certain that the upcoming Ahsoka series will also be set in this era, and follow up on Ahsoka’s story from The Mandalorian. Other shows that will likely take place during this era include The Book of Boba Fett, and Rangers of the New Republic.

Ahsoka Tano voice actor Ashley Eckstein Mandalorian DIsney Investor's Day Star wars Image via Lucasfilm

According to the new Star Wars timeline, we know that The Bad Batch will take place during the Reign of the Empire era. Also according to an official Star Wars tweet, we know that the upcoming show about Obi-Wan will also be set during this era. Obi-Wan Kenobi will take place a decade after Revenge of the Sith and will also feature the return of actor Hayden Christensen as Darth Vader.

Some of the Disney+ Shows Could Feature Multiple Star Wars Eras

There is also a show on the way featuring the character of Cassian Andor from Rogue One. The show – simply called Andor – is supposed to be a prequel to Rogue One. That means the timeline for this one is a bit more nebulous. It should be set somewhere between the “Reign of the Empire” era and “The Age of Rebellion.” It is entirely possible that the Andor show will cover both eras.

Featured. Image via Lucasfilm

Finally we know that there is a Lando show coming as well, but details on production are sparse. This series is a bit of a wildcard. It could take place in literally any era after The Fall of the Jedi. Here at Comic Years we are hoping for a Young Indiana Jones type of show that would incorporate an older Lando (Billy Dee Williams) telling stories about his youthful exploits (as Donald Glover). If our wishes come true then the Lando series could encompass many different eras of the new Star Wars timeline.

Lando Image via Lucasfilm

What We Don’t Know About Upcoming Projects

There are some upcoming Star Wars projects in the works that are still a bit of a mystery. As such, we do not know yet where they will fit into the revised Star Wars timeline. For example we have Rogue Squadron on the way from Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins.

Rogue Squadron Header Image via Lucasfilm/Disney

It is unclear where in the timeline Rogue Squadron will occur. However, according to the official synopsis: “The story will introduce a new generation of starfighter pilots as they earn their wings and risk their lives in a boundary-pushing, high-speed thrill-ride, and move the saga into the future era of the galaxy.” A new era could indicate that Rogue Squadron will take place after The Rise of Skywalker. But we will have to wait for more information to know for sure.

Also confirmed is a new Star Wars film from Taika Waititi, that we literally know nothing about. So we do not yet know where that film will fit into the new Star Wars timeline. However if Rogue Squadron does take place in an era beyond The Rise of The First Order era, it is entirely possible that the other upcoming films could follow suit. But right now, this is purely speculation.

Taika Waititi Talks Direct Star Wars Movie Gage Skidmore Featured Comic Con Image by Gage Skidmore via Flickr

For more on where every canonical book, graphic novel, tv show, video game, and movie fits into the new timeline you can visit the official Star Wars page for more information.

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