Tower Of God Character Trailer Illuminates Its World And Many Inhabitants
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Tower Of God Character Trailer Illuminates Its World And Many Inhabitants

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BY March 18, 2020

The Tower Of God character trailer gives the best look into the new anime series. Tower Of God is from a massively successful webtoon, which will now be an original anime series debuting on Crunchyroll. With over four billion views worldwide, the series is one of the most popular stories of its time. The Tower Of God anime will reach a brand new audience to replicate the same success. 

Tower Of God Is Part Of Crunchyroll Originals

Crunchyroll Originals announcement poster. Image via Crunchyroll

The Tower Of God anime will be part of the new Crunchyroll Originals line-up. The new initiative is one of the biggest by one of the best anime streamers in the industry. Crunchyroll already features the world’s largest library of anime, with over 1,000 titles and 30,000 episodes. Adding their new Originals to that line-up, Crunchyroll has given the others a run for their money. And the recently released Tower Of God character trailer showcases just how. It’s a more extended trailer that introduces the characters, as well giving us more details into the world of Tower Of God. 

Tower Of God Character Trailer Reiterates The Story 

Tower Of God character trailer Khun Image via Crunchyroll

The original Tower Of God trailer and Crunchyroll Originals trailer featured snippets. But the Tower Of God character trailer gives more context to the story of the series. The titular tower is a mysterious tower that houses many beings. Most living under the Tower can climb it, with very specific conditions. But ones wishing to climb, will need to prove themselves through physical competition. The anime focuses on a boy, Bam, who has to climb the tower to find his friend. When his best friend Rachel decides to go up the Tower, Bam has no choice but to follow. He can’t live without her, so he must face the perils of the various levels of the Tower. On his way, he makes allies, enemies, and has to endure what the Tower has to offer. One of the voice actors for the anime, Miyake Kenta, describes the shows uniqueness: 

In “Tower of God,” mysteries lead to more mysteries, and there are many mysteries and backgrounds that compel the characters to climb the tower, but the character Rak that I play is unrelated to any mysteries.

— Miayke Kenta

Tower Of God Character Trailer Showcases The Intriguing Supporting Cast

On Bam’s journey, he meets a wide array of people who are already in the Tower. His first friend is Khun Aguero Agnes (voiced by Nobuhiko Okamoto). Being from an ambitious family, Khun has a sharp mind and is an experienced combat strategist. He is also one of the people Bam trusts the most. Along with Khun, Bam also finds an ally in Rak Wraithraiser (Kenta Miyake). Rak is a proud warrior with hot-headed and violent tendencies. Yet, he also cares for his friends, causing the three to share a powerful bond. 

The character Endorsi Jahad is a touch sadistic (laugh) She loves to fan the flames… But maybe that’s part of her plan. She’s also a clever character who possesses a lot of delicacy. Due to how she was pushed around by fate, she was also forced to become stronger.

–Rie Suegera

Along with friends, Bam also makes some enemies on his journey. There’s the strong willed Endorsi Jahad (Rie Suegera) who looks sweet and mild-mannered but is far from it. While attractive, Endorsi is also exceptionally strong. She climbs the tower for her own reasons. Based on Suegera’s comment about Endorsi, it seemed like she’ll be one of the more interesting characters. Then there’s Yuri Jahad, (Honda Mariko) one of the most highly trained and experienced inhabitants of the Tower. She has immediate friction upon meeting Bam. But ultimately ends up helping him by lending him a legendary weapon. Speaking about the character, Mariko explains the complexities of Yuri. 

The Yuri I play is a carefree and (physically) strong girl. She acts according to her instincts and is short-tempered and quick to anger. Which causes a lot of trouble for the character Evan who looks after her.

— Honda Mariko

The World Building Of Tower Of God Is Impressive

Tower Of God character trailer Yuri Image via Crunchyroll

The various characters in the new Tower Of God character trailer wasn’t the only interesting thing. It was more about the world building and how there looks to be a lot more story than what the trailers provide. Where do these people come from? What are their motivations for climbing the Tower. And so many more questions. These interesting elements are making Tower Of God one of the most anticipated anime of the year. 

Tower Of God releases on April 1 on Crunchyroll. 

What did you think about the Tower Of God character trailer? Let us know in the comments below. 

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