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Tower Of God Anime First Look Confirms Release Date 

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BY February 10, 2020

The Tower of God anime is an adaptation of a Korean Manhwa. Manhwa is essentially the same in Korean as Manga in Japanese; comic books, graphic novels, or animated stories. Tower Of God is a popular manhwa that is finally coming as an Anime series. The long-awaited series finally confirmed its anime release date of Spring 2020.

Tower Of God Comes From a Webtoon

The Tower Of God premiered originally as a webtoon. Webtoons are essentially digital comic books that release as a series, rather than in traditional volumes. Tower Of God is a massively successful webtoon, that is one of a few series getting the Anime treatment. The manhwa is so popular that that its translation featured 28 various languages worldwide, accumulating approximately 4.5 billion views thus far. The original news broke back in Summer 2019 that Tower Of God was to become an Anime. And approximately a year later, the series will premiere in the Spring of 2020. The news broke on the official Tower Of God anime Twitter account, along with an official synopsis.

“If you climb the tower, you will get everything. At the top of the tower, there is everything in the world, and you can get this world……become a God. This is a story about the beginning and end of Laheru, a girl who climbs the tower to see stars, and Yoru, a boy who doesn’t need anything if he can have her.”

What To Expect From This New Anime

Tower Of God features the story of a boy, Bam, who lives under a gigantic tower known as the titular Tower Of God. His only friend is Rachel, and the story begins when she ends up going into the Tower. In order to rescue his friend Bam has to venture into the mysterious tower where a plethora of challenges await him. The themes of Tower Of God will seemingly deal with the aspects of isolation, being an outsider and how far someone can go for friendship. As Bam enters the magical and surreal Tower, he realizes that its filled with monsters and other creatures that don’t like guests. On his search for Rachel, Bam has to navigate this alien world, facing multiple challenges on each floor as he climbs higher and higher.

There are currently no details on the voice cast or where exactly the Tower Of God will debut. However, the anime production company and streamer Crunchyroll is one of the anime’s production companies, so their own service may be a safe bet.

Tower Of God releases Spring 2020.

Are you excited about the release of this new anime? Let us know in the comments below.

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