Tokyo Revengers Season 3 to Officially Cover the Tenjiku Arc 
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Tokyo Revengers Season 3 to Officially Cover the Tenjiku Arc 

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BY April 5, 2023

Another popular anime is officially coming back for more seasons. Check out all the details we have so far about Tokyo Revengers season 3. We’ll discuss the Tenjiku Arc, the main characters’ future, and the potential release date. 

Tokyo Revengers Season 3 Officially Announced: Release Date

Just days ago, season 2 of Tokyo Revengers came to an epic finale. The developing team was swift to announce that Tokyo Revengers season 3 is officially on its way to our favorite platforms. 

Just weeks ago, fans seemed disappointed due to the switching of some main voice actors. However, despite the changes the anime went through in season 2, it still had amazing viewership records. 

Regarding the release date for Tokyo Revengers season 3, it is likely to air sometime in 2024 or even early 2025. We based our guesses on the previous seasons’ production time, which was usually about two years. 

Moreover, we already know the basic plotline. Read on to find out about the Tenjiku arc, which will be the main plotline of Tokyo Revengers season 3. 

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What is the Tenjiku Arc?

We officially know that season 3 will mainly cover the Tenjiku Arc. Namely, for those of you who haven’t read the manga chapters, Tenjiku is a new gang. Therefore, the upcoming installment will introduce the new Tenjiku gang, as well as their leader Izana Kurokawa. 

Shimazaki Nobunaga (Jujutsu Kaisen, Black Clover) will voice Izana Kurokawa. In addition, Tetsu Inada (My Hero Academia) will join the Tenjiku Gang. 

Here are more details about the plot. As we mentioned, the Tenjiku Arc begins in the manga chapter 122. In addition to introducing the Tenjiku gang, Tokyo Revengers season 3 will once again focus on Takemichi’s life. 

Moreover, he will try to fix the events from the past again. Season 3 will feature the Tokyo Manji gang members such as Tachibana and Mikey. While doing so, Takemichi will also try to prevent their deaths from occurring ever. 

The Tanjiku arc covers 64 chapters in total. Since the last arc of 44 chapters resulted in 12 episodes, Tokyo Revengers season 3 will likely have around 16-20 episodes. Moreover, we’ll likely have more details for you in the upcoming few months. 

Before then, here are some of the cast that will likely return. Yuu Hayashi will most likely return as the main character Manjirou Sano. In addition, we expect Yuuki Shin to return as Takemichi. Other recurring faces to return include Shou Karino, Masaya Fukinishi, Masaaki Mizunaka, and Hinata Tachibana. 

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