An Inuyasha Sequel Yashahime Princess Half-Demon! Is Coming This Fall
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There Is An Inuyasha Sequel With Princess Half-Demons As The New Kids On The Block

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BY February 10, 2022

An Inuyasha sequel, Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon!, is coming and anime fans cannot be more excited. Inuyasha is a classic anime that predates the majority of anime popular in the west. Now, years after the anime went off the air, it seems that Inuyasha is going the same route as other classic anime like Naruto. The property is getting a sequel that will follow the adventures of the original protagonists’ children in Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon!.

Inuyasha Was A Classic Anime Before Some There Were Classic Anime

Like every other amazing anime, Inuyasha came from a popular manga or Japanese graphic novel. The creator of Inuyasha, Rumiko Takahashi, was already a pretty big name in the manga community before this series. The highly popular manga was a global hit for its fantastical genre setting and subtle romantic subplot. So when her work on Inuyasha became an anime adaptation, the story reached a worldwide audience. 

Inuyasha Anime Was An Action-Adventure Series With A Familiar Premise

Inuyasha sequel Yashahime Princess Half-Demons couple Love at first sight, kinda. | Image via Viz Media.

The original Inuyasha anime was set in the past, but with a modern twist. The series was about a girl living in modern-day Tokyo. One day, when looking for her cat, a demon pulls her into a well landing her in feudal Japan. The girl, Kagome, can barely figure out what’s going on before she’s attacked. She finds a half-demon, Inuyasha, tied to a tree whom she then rescues. Kagome soon discovers that she is the reincarnated form of the original woman who bound Inuyasha to the tree. She also learns that she has a powerful jewel within her. But before anyone can use the Jewel, it’s shattered into pieces that have spread all over the country. Feeling responsible for the Jewel’s safety, Kagome reluctantly teams up with the demon and goes in search of all the pieces. Inuyasha wants the Jewel for his own reasons.

Inuyasha’s premise inspired countless anime stories that came after it. The two bickering characters bound together for a common goal and who ultimately bond became a well-tread trope. Another popular anime, Dragon Ball Z’s also had a story where main group of characters having adventures as they search for seven magical orbs that grant the finder one wish. Similarly, Inuyasha sees the duo meet new people with their own stories and motivations who end up joining their group. It’s is one of the most celebrated anime of all time, so the Inuyasha sequel Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon! is a very big deal to anime fans. 

Inuyasha’s sequel is Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon! Featuring Kids Of The Original Cast

Inuyasha sequel Yashahime Princess Half-Demons poster The sequel’s artwork | Image via Yashahime official website.

The surprising sequel to Inuyasha is Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon!, news of which caught everyone off guard. Viz Media licensed the North American release, announcing the new anime series on their site. The announcement also reveals a series plot synopsis.

It seems that the new story will focus on the next generation of characters. Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon! will feature the story of twins Towa and Setsuna in feudal Japan, who lose each other in a forest fire. Trying to find her younger sister, a tunnel transports Towa into modern-day Japan. There, Kagome’s brother finds Towa and raises her. A decade later, the tunnel through time reconnects and allows Towa to find her sister who happens to be a Demon Slayer now. Even more shockingly, Setsuna has no memories of her twin sister. 

The synopsis also reveals that Inuyasha and Kagome’s own daughter will be joining the twins on their adventure to discover their missing past. It feels like a minor blurb, as if the daughter of the two leads of the original Inuyasha  is only a supporting character in the sequel. But more of the character is revealed on the anime’s official website, in a description written in Japanese. Thanks to Twitter user @miggyxmarie for providing translations that shed more light on the character of Moroha, daughter of Inuyasha and Kagome.  

Inuyasha Sequel Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon! Is Basically The Boruto Of Anime

The character descriptions state that Moroha is a 14-year-old ghost Bounty Hunter who has been alone since a young age. She apparently does not know her parents, which is causing some alarm for Inuyasha fans. The ending of Inuyasha saw the two lead characters happy and together. Their daughter not knowing them could signal some sort of tragedy that befalls them between the original series and the sequel. I guess we’ll find out when Yashahime premieres this fall.

This wouldn’t be the first time that a favorite anime has reached into its own universe to bring out a sequel story that follows the kids of the original. The beloved Naruto anime did the same with its sequel in Boruto, which was about the son of the original dealing with different adventures and challenges. Naruto even did a time-traveling crossover with Boruto, bringing both series into one. We’re not sure if the Inuyasha sequel, Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon! will do something similar. Although, any crossover talk would be premature, given that the new series seems to take place in a similar setting and with familiar characters from the original. So the original characters being part of the sequel could still be a possibility. 

Are you excited for an Inuyasha sequel? Let us know in the comments below. 

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