The Witcher Anime Teaser Trailer Goes Deep Into The World Of Witchers
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Nightmare Of The Wolf Anime Teaser Goes Deep Into The World Of The Witcher

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BY April 25, 2022

The Witcher was this awesome new Netflix original series, based on the books that became the games. It didn’t hurt that the series featured Henry Cavill as the brooding monster hunter badass. The series was a story set in a fantasy realm of monsters and witches, that saw the adventures of a lone man with a mysterious past. Always alone, the titular Witcher played by Cavill stayed away from the Game Of Thrones-like politics of this realm. Despite, being ultimately roped into it all in the larger scheme of things, regardless. The series was a huge success for Netflix, with a season 2 coming any day now. And to add to it is a new anime series that will explore another story set in this world, possibly a different kind of Witcher altogether. Or at least, that’s what The Witcher anime teaser trailer indicates. So let’s take a look and how this anime movie might shake out. 

To All The Witchers Of This World

The Witcher anime teaser trailer action. Image via Netflix.

While Cavill plays Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher series, we quickly learn that the name is actually a title reserved for a certain kind of supernatural monster hunter. Witchers are special kinds of warriors who develop supernatural abilities when young and are essentially mercenaries who fight the weird beasts and creatures of the land. Geralt’s origin is very much shrouded in mystery during the series, but it’s believed that he was trained at a young age by another Witcher named Vesemir. And that’s where The Witcher anime teaser trailer comes in. 

When news first broke of an anime spin-off movie set in The Witcher universe, it was definitely intriguing. The world is ripe for additional stories and tales, given the mechanics and the world-building that the series introduced us to. So more Witcher made total sense. But things are even more intriguing now when you find out just what the new The Witcher anime teaser is focusing on. And that just happens to be a character named Vesemir, the mentor of Geralt. Cue ominous overture and the opening title credits!

The Witcher Anime Teaser Trailer Shows An Actual Prequel?

The Witcher anime teaser trailer tub. Image via Netflix.

While fans of The Witcher franchise will definitely sit up and do a Leo D. point and exclaim, casual audiences of the Netflix series may not pick up on the connection. Minor spoilers for season 1 of The Witcher follows. The ending of season 1 saw Geralt in a weird place. Broken and battered, his only saving grace was uniting with the little girl that he had a weird connection with. There was originally a rumor that season 2 will see Geralt return to his roots, and namely, his mentor who trained him from a young age.

For a while, Mark Hamill was the fan casting choice to play the live-action Vesemir in season 2. We know now that Kim Bodnia will actually play that character. So it’s very interesting to see a much younger version of the same character appear in The Witcher anime teaser trailer. The trailer doesn’t reveal a lot about the story, since it is a teaser, but it sets up the world of Witchers, following the adventures of one particular one, Vesemir. The name comes up briefly, almost intentionally there for the hardcore fans to gasp at. Therefore, The new Witcher anime movie looks to be a prequel to the events of The Witcher series. 

How The Witcher Anime Teaser Pulls You In

The Witcher anime teaser trailer Cast. Image via Netflix.

The Witcher Anime teaser trailer is everything you would expect from an anime version of that world. The monsters are crazy scary and gory. The action is pretty great, with some high-flying moves, mixed in with supernatural elements that look very cool. Even the 2D classic anime style is a much more interesting choice than the divisive 3D anime. The character designs are unique, while still separating themselves from the series, to create their own vibe. But more so than the medium, it’s still the story that is the most interesting part of this brief teaser trailer. 

As mentioned, Geralt is a brooding, no non-sense silent Witcher. Just in it for the money as he grunts and battles his way through most situations. So it’s very curious how his mentor, at least as a young man, is seemingly this charming, talkative, and most importantly, smiling character. It’s interesting, especially when you relate this character to Geralt. How did a man like Vesemir, who seems poles apart, mentor and influence a young child that grew up to be totally different?

Unless The Witcher: Nightmare Of The Wolf movie is meant to explore and explain how Vesemir himself may become more like Geralt by the end of whatever this story will be. Possibly setting up his appearance in the live-action format in season 2? 

We’ll have to wait until The Witcher: Nightmare Of The Wolf premieres on Netflix on August 23. 

What did you think of the new Witcher anime teaser trailer? Are you curious about Vesemir too now? Let me know in the comments below. 

Featured image via Netflix.  

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