The Witcher Anime Official Trailer Reveals Brutal Beginnings Of Witchers
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Nightmare Of The Wolf Anime Official Trailer Reveals The Brutal Beginnings Of Witchers

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BY April 25, 2022

The Witcher expanded universe is coming and Nightmare Of The Wolf is its first spin-off movie. The new anime movie acts as a prequel to the original Netflix series, and it looks genuinely action-packed. The Witcher anime official trailer also showcases the brutality of what it even means to become a Witcher. And that’s really the surprising part of this new trailer, the harsh way that Witchers become monster hunters. And this revelation is refreshing in contrast to the non-linear, and intentionally confusing and mysterious plot of the Henry Cavill-led series. 

A Prequel That Looks Grander Than The Original

The Witcher anime official trailer Vesemir. Image via Netflix.

The Witcher series was a slow-burn fantasy show that opened up the interesting world in bits and pieces with each episode. The fact that the show was also set in three different periods made it even harder to focus on what in the blue blazes was going on. In the end, it actually worked out for the series, and the payoff was worth the convoluted storytelling style. But that format was also one of the biggest criticisms of the show, how it caused many to lost interest and fall off the binge. But The Witcher anime official trailer makes this new movie look like a much more straightforward affair. 

The Witcher: Nightmare Of The Wolf anime movie tells the story of Vesemir (Theo James), who fans will know as the eventual mentor of Henry Cavill’s Geralt. Taking place years before the events of the live-action series, the anime goes back to tell the origin of not just Vesemir, but it looks like, all Witchers in general. This is interesting because while originally looking like a lone-wolf type of a show, there’s an ensemble aspect at play in this new trailer that I was not expecting.

The Witcher Anime Official Trailer Tells More Than One Origin Story

The Witcher anime official trailer old. Image via Netflix.

The initial teaser trailer showcased a more wham, bam action vibe for the new movie. However, this new anime’s official trailer goes a little deeper to tell a more rounded story. The trailer opens with the process of becoming a Witcher. We see how a few young boys literally have to be killed, and then brought back to life, becoming a little different. Witchers are somewhere between men and otherworldly creatures, but they avoid persecution themselves by hunting those threats that are worse to humankind, than themselves. Something that a character in the trailer mentions. 

It’s an interesting notion that was not explored too much in the live-action series. The idea is that a Witcher’s existence is so fragile, that their monster hunting ways are not out of a need for action or desire to kill, but survival. They need to make themselves valuable to humans as the only ones able to destroy other creatures, thereby taking the target off of themselves. It adds layers to the larger story. The official trailer even ends on a note that sees multiple Witchers banding together against a bigger threat. Something that felt missing in the series. 

The World Of The Witcher Builds In The Anime’s Official Trailer

The Witcher anime official trailer fire. Image via Netflix.

Another interesting aspect of The Witcher anime official trailer is just how curious it makes me for how this world functions. The live-action series implies that there are a few Witchers in the world while making it clear that Geralt is not the only one. The Witcher anime official trailer, on the other hand, showcases a plethora of Witchers, almost like a council. I theorized before whether the events of the show will explain the depiction of Vesemir as a jovial Witcher in contrast to Geralt’s grumpy-puss vibes, given that Vesemir taught Geralt. Now I’m wondering if the events of the movie will explain the lack of the Witcher population in the live-action series. Or it could be a totally different beast and have nothing to do with the series at all. 

We’ll all find out when The Witcher: Nightmare Of The Wolf anime releases on Netflix on August 23. 

What do you think about the new Witcher anime official trailer? Does it make you more excited for the new anime movie? 

Featured image via Netflix. 

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