The Summit Of The Gods Official Trailer Is Finally Here
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The Summit Of The Gods Official Trailer Is Finally Here And I’ve Got Goosebumps

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BY November 1, 2021

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about, or seen anything from The Summit Of The Gods anime adaptation. The award-winning manga turned anime series was in development for what seems like forever. But we finally have The Summit Of The Gods official trailer, as well as a release date. And the trailer is as visually spectacular and jaw-clenchingly tense as the teaser was. But obviously, more so. Check out the trailer below and find out why I’m excited and anxious about this release.

The Summit Of The Gods Official Trailer Double Downs On The Anxiety

The Summit Of The Gods official trailer dinner Image via Netflix.

The teaser for this new Netflix original series was just a brief one-scene sequence. Arguably, the most desperate and harrowing scene, even in the official trailer itself. But the longer Summit Of The Gods trailers expands on that and build up to that moment. The story is a survivalist one, of one man and his deep-seated reasons to climb Mt. Everest. A young photojournalist joins him on this dangerous journey, but with ominous stipulations from the climber. His justification is the feeling of isolation he requires in order to focus on his climb. The Summit Of The Gods is this one man’s journey to reach new heights in his life. Literally.

Although, the plotline teases a different kind of show. One where the journalist goes in search of a missing climber. I’m not sure if the story will go back and forth between the climber, his eventual disappearance and the search for him, but my curiosity is definitely piqued.

How The Summit Of The Gods Trailer Builds Suspense

The Summit Of The Gods official trailer climb. Image via Netflix.

The official trailer for The Summit Of The Gods begins with some very ominous music. With shots of the man climbing in bad weather, the trailer goes back to his preparation. And how the young journalist wants to document his journey. The lead character seems grumpy through it all, but the music also implies that there’s more to this. The techno tunes of an 80’s sci-fi film, the music is a bigger part of this trailer. And that’s where I’m really intrigued by this show.

The music is one element of this show that builds hype and tension. The atmosphere of the teaser is a great one as it really gets under your skin with the visuals and the background score that immediately puts you on the edge. It’s almost like drawing a parallel to the fear, anxiety, adrenaline and sense of caution that, I imagine, climbers must feel during their adventures. But in any case, it’s this vibe that the official trailer creates, that gets me super excited for the show.

The Summit Of The Gods premieres on Netflix on November 30.

Did the trailer for this new show get you as hyped as it did me? Are you interested in a show about a lone man traversing the natural perils of a frozen mountain? Let m know in the comments below.

Featured image via Netflix.

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