Blood Of Zeus Anime Trailer Comes From Powerhouse Animation
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The Studio Behind Castlevania Produces New Greek Mythology Anime In Blood Of Zeus Trailer

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BY October 7, 2020

Powerhouse Animation is an animation studio that is currently a ‘powerhouse’ when it comes to creating original anime. With many critically-acclaimed projects behind them, and more upcoming in the future, Powerhouse Animation’s latest is another Netflix original anime. The recently released Blood Of Zeus anime trailer showcases a brand new anime set in the world of Greek Mythology, and it looks oh so very awesome!

Powerhouse Animation Is The Studio That Set The Standard For Netflix Anime

Blood of Zeus anime trailer Gods. Image via Netflix.

I’ve already gushed about Seis Manos, Powerhouse Animation’s original kick-ass kung-fu anime with a Mexican story. Not to mention the highly praised Castlevania anime series that set the benchmark for Netflix’s anime current catalog. The animation studio also has Kevin Smiths’ upcoming He-Man sequel anime coming in 2021. With so much going on, we weren’t expecting to see anything from the renowned studio anytime soon. So imagine my surprise when they dropped the Blood of Zeus anime trailer, seemingly out of nowhere. Powerhouse is infamous for this, as they released the trailers before for their Castelvania series as surprises, and usually around October. And given Blood of Zeus’ subject matter, this is the perfect month for it. 

The Blood Of Zeus Anime Trailer Is An Old Story Revived For Gory Anime Horror

Blood of Zeus anime trailer demons. Image via Netflix.

Blood of Zeus is set in a very familiar world, one we’ve seen over and over again. Using the tales from Greek mythology, the story is all about the war between the Gods of Olympus and Titans. The Blood of Zeus anime trailer opens with the defeat of the Titans, but not before they curse the Gods. When a Titan’s blood hits the ocean, demons known as giants emerge, plaguing the Earth. As a new war begins, an everyday human named Heron must fight along the Gods to defeat them. However, Heron is more than a human, and actually none other than one of Zeus’ many half-human sons on Earth. Thus begins a new adventure where Heron must tap into the God-blood flowing through him, to defeat demons bred of Titan-blood. Hence the name of the series. See, it all connects.

The Trailer For Netflix’s New Original Anime Is All Kinds Of Spectacular

Blood of Zeus anime trailer Heron. Image via Netflix.

While it’s a story that we may have seen multiple times over set in a familiar world, the story repackaged as a gory horror-ish anime series is kind of spectacular! Powerhouse Animation’s visuals are stunning and simply gorgeous to behold. The design for the show is very similar to what they did with Castlevania. The noir horror, Victorian-style era of that show came through with very regale and lavish character designs and architecture. Whereas the Greek setting of the Blood of Zeus anime trailer is apparent in every frame with sweeping locales and a tone that makes me nostalgic for Hercules or Xena. But better. 

Even the character designs feel very much like Greek statues or paintings that depict characters of the era. It’s stunning and has a gorgeous aesthetic. Even more so when combined with the supernatural and monster elements of the series, that look equally gorgeous, while also horrifyingly scary. I’m genuinely excited about this new anime series. 

Blood of Zeus releases on Netflix on October 27. 

Will you be checking out the new Blood of Zeus anime? Let me know in the comments below. 

Featured image via Netflix. 

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