Shishigari Anime Short Film To Become Full Feature-Length Movie
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The Short Film Shishigari To Become Full Feature-Length Anime Movie

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BY March 24, 2022

The Shishigari anime short film premiered at the Fantasia Festival in Montreal in 2019 to much success. The short got a great response from the audience. So much so, that the original studio is developing a feature-length anime of the same story. 

What Is The Shishigari Short All About? 

Shishigari anime short film boy. Image via Studio Durian.

The anime company Studio Durian produced the Shishigari anime short film. The short anime released in April 2019 and showcased a breathtaking story complimented with simple yet stunning visuals. Shishigari, translated into Lion Hunter, is all about a young boy, who matures through his experiences in harsh weather. The story is a coming of age one that follows that boy’s first hunt, as a rite of passage. Especially, how the young and idealistic boy transforms from what he has to endure during his adventure. So it’s very much a story about man versus nature, as the young boy traverses the harsh winter conditions, overcoming external and internal obstacles.

Studio Durian Announces Feature Length Anime Of Shishigari

Shishigari anime short film on the hunt. Image via Studio Durian.

When speaking to Anime News Network, Studio Durian confirmed their plans to make the Shishigari anime short film into a feature-length movie. So the story will follow the original, most likely expanding on the sequence of events to fit the longer run-time. Certainly the feature-length format will allow the makers to focus more on the character building of the protagonist, seeing how much of the story is the boy by himself. The studio also provided a short synopsis for the anime feature.

A boy lives a peaceful life in a small village deep within the mountains. One day, the Oni suddenly appear and take everything from the boy. He goes on a journey to follow them and get back the people they kidnapped. After a long journey, he comes across a huge colony of a million Oni, which is called “Oni Hill”.

Survivalist stories that showcase the human spirit going up against the brutal conditions that nature has to offer are always highly riveting. The feature-length movie also seems to have a plot focused more on avenging the lead’s family or village people as well, which only makes it more interesting. Similarly, the trailer for the Shishigiri anime short story is very thrilling, so the feature-length anime film could definitely be just as, if not even more engaging. 

No word yet on the release date of the feature-length Shishigiri anime. 

Let us know your thoughts on a long version of the Shishigiri anime short in the comments below.

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