The Promised Neverland Live-Action Series Will Be On Amazon
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The Promised Neverland Manga To Become Live-Action Series At Amazon

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BY June 15, 2020

Yet another manga will become a TV series on a streaming platform. However, this time around it’s not a manga that will become an anime, but an anime that will be a live-action show. Amazon has snagged The Promised Neverland live-action series, as per a report from Variety. While Amazon Prime Video has many classic anime currently available for streaming, this would be one of the first original anime content by them. Netflix is currently years ahead of Amazon when it comes to original anime programming, but this could possibly be Amazon’s entry into the anime market. The critically acclaimed manga and anime about special orphans who discover there is more to this world is coming from Masi Oka of Heroes fame. 

The Promised Neverland Manga Was Critically Acclaimed Anime

The Promised Neverland live-action series manga poster. Image via Viz Media

The Promised Neverland was a manga written by Kai Shirai and illustrated by Posuka Demizu. Debuting in 2016 it quickly became one of the most sold mangas ever. The manga is so successful they’re running at 20 million copies sold, to date. When the manga became an anime series in 2019, the accolades followed to that medium as well. The Promised Neverland anime got the award for Best Fantasy series at the 2020 Crunchyroll Anime Awards. The streamer listed the show on their 100 best anime of the 2010’s list as well. The show’s season two is reportedly arriving in 2021.  

The Promised Neverland is a story about a group of orphans living together in bliss. Being uniquely smart, the orphans initially enjoy a life filled with the greatest comforts available to them. Unlike usual orphan stories, these kids didn’t have traumatized situations living in poverty under cruel guardians. The kids live a perfect life, with only one rule to follow: never leave the grounds of the orphanage. So obviously at one point, some kids do, and the world they discover beyond shocks them. One particular orphan learns the truth and plans to rescue the others. 

Masi Oka Will Produce The Promised Neverland Live-Action Series

The Promised Neverland live-action series anime. Image via Viz Media.

According to the Variety report, The Promised Neverland live-action series comes from producer Masi Oka. Most people will remember Oka as Hiro from the NBC quasi-superhero show Heroes. However, since his time as the time-traveling comic book nerd, Oka is now a producer. Not to mention that he’s no stranger to live-action adaptations of popular manga and anime properties either. Oka produced the live-action Death Note movie in 2017 and is also involved in the live-action Attack On Titan and Mega Man movies. The Promised Neverland live-action series also has Rodney Rothman, co-director of Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse on board as director.

Are you excited for a The Promised Neverland live-action series? Let us know in the comments below. 

Featured image via Viz Media.

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