God Of High School Anime Trailer Introduces Us To The Characters
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The Full God Of High School Anime Trailer Introduces Us To The Characters

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BY May 3, 2020

The God Of High School anime trailer is finally here and it looks stunning. The original anime from the Crunchyroll Originals lineup has been long teased. There was a brief teaser released that provided no context, just fight scenes. Then we got more of the story, as character descriptions came out for the show. But now, there is a full-blown official trailer which looks incredible. 

How Crunchyroll Is Expanding Their Anime Selection

The God Of High School anime is just one of the recent originals announced by Crunchyroll. The major anime streaming provider has long been the place for new and classic licensed streaming anime content. But just last year, they announced their intention to enter the original anime marketplace. With that in mind, they are releasing 8 new anime, exclusively on Crunchyroll. One of their first, Tower Of God, is already out and is generating a lot of buzz with its innovative style of storytelling. Similarly, Crunchyroll is looking to expand its library as a content provider, with the new God Of High School anime trailer. 

What God Of High School Is Actually About

God Of High School anime trailer logo. Images via Crunchyroll.

The God Of High School anime sounds and looks very much like a fighting style video game. Most platform-style fighting games had to create backstories for the characters to make the gameplay more interesting. It seems like God Of High School’s premise is to make the fighting aspects develop more of the characters’ stories. How that comes across in the show is something we’ll find out when the show premieres. 

The premise of the show is a massive fighting tournament, but only for high school students. So students of varying skills and styles come to compete. The twist is that the winner will get whatever their wish is. A large corporation organized the tournament, promising to grant the winner’s one wish. Now, if that’s just a really nice way of saying the prize is money, or if there are some magical or supernatural elements at work, is hard to say right now. But the fighters come, all with different reasons for taking part. 

God Of High School Anime Trailer Provides Deeper Look Into The Characters

God Of High School anime trailer Daewi Image via Screen Grab.

Crunchyroll released The God Of High School anime trailer on their official YouTube channel. The trailer expands on the character descriptions released earlier. This time, we actually get to see the characters of the show, in action. Pun, every much intended. The lead character of Mori is in the trailer, as a fun-loving guy who just wants to fight to get stronger and better. He seems like a jovial fellow, seemingly with a tragic past that fuels his motivation. Then there’s Daewi, motivated by his need for money. A small cut shows someone in the hospital, possibly who he’s fighting for. Last of all is the unassuming young girl, Mira, who joins the tournament to restart her family’s sword dojo. 

The Action Is Off The Wall In God Of High School Anime Trailer

While the teaser trailer was just a flurry of images happening super quick, the full trailer is much better. The action sequences are clearer to see. The variety of characters, styles, and sizes of the fighters are discernable, and the moves themselves look amazing. It’s always difficult to compare anime action choreography with live-action, but while the physics in anime is somewhat non existent, the actual movements look very realistic. And such is the case also for the God Of High School anime trailer. Sure, guys are flying 20 feet off the ground, but their actual fighting styles look natural and unique. The trailer succeeds in getting audiences excited for the new Crunchyroll Originals anime. 

God Of High School releases on Crunchyroll in July 2020. 

What did you think about this full trailer? Are you excited for this anime? Let us know in the comments below. 

Featured image via Screen Grab.

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