Subjects of Ymir Explained: Attack on Titan History Lesson
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Subjects of Ymir Explained: Attack on Titan History Lesson

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BY March 13, 2023

Over the course of ten years, Attack on Titan has been one of the best and most influential anime series. Moreover, for those of you who just tuned into the AOT realm, we are here to explain who Ymir is, as well as what the Subjects of Ymir are. 

What are the Subjects of Ymir?

From the beginning of Attack on Titan, Subjects of Ymir have been mentioned in several scenes. To start with, I need to warn you that what we’re talking about in this article is explained briefly in seasons 1 & 2, but it doesn’t really play an important role until season 3 of Attack on Titan. Therefore, beware of potential spoilers!

Ymir Fritz is the founder of the Titans. Here’s the story of how she became a Titan herself. Thousands of years ago, Ymir served her father, the King, on many occasions, one of which got her extremely wounded. While seeking shelter, Ymir fell into a mysterious liquid-filled sinkhole. However, this liquid turned out to be spinal fluid from a mysterious creature. 

Thirteen years forward, the Eldian King abused Ymir’s powers to bring prosperity to the Eldians. Due to this fact, the Eldians believed Ymir was sort of a Goddess. However, it will turn out that having this power is a curse rather than a gift.

Upon the tragic death of Ymir Fritz, King Fritz (her husband) ordered that her daughters eat her corpse in order to preserve the Titan Power. This procedure ensured that the blood of Ymir never disappears. Moreover, this also ensured the possibility of creating more Titans

In addition to the tragic story of Ymir, the Eldians believed they were ‘the chosen ones’. Due to the ability of turning into Titans, they tried on many occasions to utilize this power. Finally, the term Subjects of Ymir is related to the Eldians, all of whom descended from Ymir. The Eldians are the only race capable of obtaining the Titan Power. 

All AOT Titans

Now that we explained what the Subjects of Ymir are, we know the legacy that Eldians hold. In addition, here are all the Titans that evolved from the Founding Titan, Ymir. 

In season 1, we see the Armored Titan. Later on, we find out that the inheritor of this Titan power is Reiner Braun. Moreover, Eren Yeager turned into the Attack Titan in the same season. 

In addition, season 2 introduced the Colossal and the Beast Titan, as well as the Female Titan. 

After finding out about Zeke Yeager, we find out more information about the Marleyans. Therefore, the Titans belonging to Marley are Cart Titan, Jaw Titan, and the War Hammer Titan.

Subjects of Ymir The Armored Titan

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