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Star Wars: Visions Anime Trailer Is A Brilliant Work Of Art

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BY April 25, 2022

The Disney-fication of the Star Wars franchise continues with the release of their latest Star Wars: Visions english dub trailer. While being purchased by Disney spelled doom and gloom for many, it’s clear to see now how it was all in service for the future of the franchise. We’ve already gotten a brand new series in The Mandalorian, set in a post-Return Of The Jedi world. Then there’s the continuation of the Clone Wars series in The Bad Batch. With even more to come in the live-action Ahsoka series, which may see the live-action depiction of more animated characters. But now, the franchise is getting more abstract and telling more obscure stories in a brand new format. The Star Wars: Visions anime trailer promises to bring forth an entirely new world of Star Wars stories, with brand new storytelling opportunities and avenues that look breathtaking. 

Star Wars’ Venture Into Anime Not Just A Passing Fad

Star Wars: Visions anime trailer X-Wing Image via Disney Plus.

When you first hear about a Star Wars anime, it sounds like the biggest sci-fi franchise is simply cashing in on what many franchises are already doing. Many series and movies are getting into the anime craze with spin-offs and supplemental anime content. The Pacific Rim anime and Blade Runner Black Lotus anime are prime examples. There’s even an upcoming The Witcher anime prequel coming soon to Netflix. So why wouldn’t Star Wars do the same? 

But after seeing the first Star Wars: Visions anime trailer, it absolutely feels like it’s more than a passing fad. Actually, it feels like Star Wars and the anime medium were made for one another. The trailer combines some interesting and stunning images, along with a story and vibes that truly feel breathtaking and exhilarating. It’s honestly become one of the most exciting Star Wars content I’m looking forward to. And yes, I’m including The Mandalorian season 3 in that. Shocking, I know. 

The Anime Medium Was Made For Star Wars

Star Wars: Visions anime trailer 6 arms. Image via Disney Plus.

The Star Wars: Visions anime trailer is so incredible that viewing it felt like some sort of spiritual experience. The iconic music, stunning visuals and scenes with characters doing familiar things with familiar bright objects could bring a tear to your eye. And I’m not ashamed to admit that it did to mine. And the reason for it was not that it was a familiar story or the legacy of a known character from decades ago. But the fact that it’s the first time, in a moving screen medium that we’re getting  variety of aesthetics that we’ve never seen before. Seeing the various stories, in various animation styles set in various time periods and cultures within the Star Wars universe is not something I was ready for.

Looking back, we’ve only ever experienced Star Wars screen content in two distinct styles; CG animation of Clone Wars, Rebels and Bad Batch, or live-action. So to see Star Wars stories in various anime styles, about characters and worlds that we’ve potentially never seen before… is awe-inspiring. Especially when you think about the behind-the-scenes of these anime studios, most of whom were likely inspired by the original Star Wars themselves. So it’s an inspiring story in and of itself. 

Star Wars: Visions Anime Is All About The Unlikely Collaborations

Star Wars: Visions anime trailer Lightsaber Image via Disney Plus.

It’s kind of an unprecedented situation. Lucasfilm is basically collaborating with many Japanese anime studios giving them, more or less, free reign to tell any kind of Star Wars story, without the restrictions of canon. Or rather, that’s what this looks like. This is kind of awesome, seeing how Star Wars itself was an inspiration to generations of storytellers, writers, musicians and artists from all over the world. In the Star Wars: Visions teaser, some of those creators even get to talk about how this amazing opportunity gave them a chance to tell stories in the universe that they grew up with. It’s honestly heartwarming and incredibly amazing that Disney provided this kind of access to international storytellers to be able to fulfil their dreams.

Before this, the only way a creator could work on a Star Wars movie or TV show was through directing it, like Rian Johnson or Patty Jenkins. But now, these amazing stories are able to exist in a brand new anthology series that we got to see in the new Star Wars: Visions anime trailer. The series explores 9 episodes of original stories set in the Star Wars universe, from 7 different anime studios. And some well-known studios too. One of the studios is Kamikaze Douga, the company behind Batman Ninja. Then there’s Studio Trigger who is behind the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 anime spin-off, Edgerunners. Another of the studios is the same behind the incredible Japan Sinks 2020 series, Science SARU. 

Visions Paints A Gorgeous Picture

Star Wars: Visions anime trailer Fett Image via Disney Plus.

The new Star Wars: Visions anime trailer is a fast-paced thrill ride of epic proportions. Everything happens very quickly, which adds to the adrenaline quickening so much more. The trailer begins with a brief bit of someone voicing over how a stranger entrusted their village with a special object. Something that any Star Wars fan or even casual sci-fi audience will recognize immediately. Next up we get a series of sequences from all the nine episodes of the new anthology series. The Star Wars score crescendos as the image on the screen show us things we’ve never seen before. Six-armed Lightsaber duels, Force-blocking of sabres and blasters, new Jedis, possible Darksaber and even a Boba Fett sighting makes this Star Wars: Visions anime trailer a sight to behold. 

How these flurry of incredible scenes and sequences all fit together into a cohesive story is going to be that much fascinating to watch. And I can’t wait for the release of Star Wars: Visions anime on Disney Plus on September 22. 

Are you as jazzed as I am for a Star Wars anime? Let me know in the comments below. 

Featured image via Disney Plus. 

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