Sailor Moon Anime Streaming Its First 3 Seasons For Free In Japan Only
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Sailor Moon Anime Streaming Its First Three Seasons For Free In Japan Only

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BY May 1, 2020

The Sailor Moon anime is streaming its first 3 seasons on its official YouTube channel in Japan. Sailor Moon is one of the best and most classic anime in the world. I even credit the series as being one of the anime responsible for the medium’s acceptance in the West. Toei Animation, the studio behind Sailor Moon, will stream the series as part of an upcoming release. The Sailor Moon Eternal film is coming to Japanese theatres on September 11. The movie will be a continuation of the story set in those first 3 seasons, hence the free streaming. 

Sailor Moon Is a Big Part Of Anime’s Acceptance Outside Of Japan

Sailor Moon anime streaming cast. Image via Toei Animation.

Sailor Moon is one of those anime that my generation grew up with. The anime was one of the very first to break through into North America, through licenses acquired by Fox Kids and YTV. The show was in syndication, playing after-school, and through the weekends. It was one of those series that was as significant for 90s kids as Transformers and Ninja Turtles were for 80s kids. 

Sailor Moon told the story of a young girl who discovers that’s she’s a princess. But not in the Disney princess kind of way. A Princess who is part of an elite team of warriors, sworn to protect the world against evil galactic threats. It’s basically a superhero team of women, similar to the Power Rangers, but without mech droids. Sailor Moon was important for its portrayal of female leads as butt-kicking action heroes. The show was also very appealing to young audiences with its blend of action, humor, and romance. 

Sailor Moon Anime Streaming To Promote The Release Of A New Movie

Sailor Moon anime streaming squad Image via Toei Animation.

I wonder if Toei Animation’s decision to stream the first 3 Sailor Moon season has anything to do with the current COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has delayed many theatrical movies, anime series and manga chapters. As a result, many studios are offering content to steam for free. So the Sailor Moon anime streaming for free is very timely. Obviously, the timing takes advantage of the release of the new Sailor Moon movie. But it’s still a great opportunity for fans to catch up. 

Toei Animation will be releasing the seasons, 10 episodes at a time, starting on April 24. The release schedule takes us into the end of July, giving fans another month or so to get caught up. Just in time for the release of Sailor Moon Eternal in Japan only on September 11. The first 3 seasons of the Sailor Moon anime is streaming on YouTube in Japan only right now. It’s unclear whether the seasons will be available to audiences outside of Japan. It might be a strategy that Toei considers for the North American premiere of Sailor Moon Eternal. Sailor Moon Crystal, the reboot of the original is available for streaming on Crunchyroll for audiences outside of Japan. 

Will you be able to take advantage of Sailor Moon anime streaming in Japan? Let us know in the comments below. 

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