Review: Deca-Dence Anime Premiere A New Original Funimation Series
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Review: FunimationCon 2020 Premieres First Episode Of Deca-Dence Original Anime

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BY April 25, 2022

Many conventions and festivals this year have gone virtual due to COVID-19. And while recognizable events such as the SDCC will be putting on virtual shows this year, new conventions have also popped up, taking advantage of the situation. FunimationCon 2020 is one such convention from the acclaimed anime streaming provider, Funimation. As part of its 2-day virtual event, FunimationCon 2020 also premiered a new original anime. So here is my Deca-Dence anime premiere review. 

Deca-Dence Anime Is A Brand New Original Anime From Funimation

Deca-Dence anime premiere review Natsume. Image via Funimation.

Deca-Dence is a new Funimation original anime series. Using the virtual convention, FunimationCon 2020 showcased the premiere episode of the new show that releases in the summer. Deca-Dence features a post-apocalyptic world, hundreds of years after creatures known as Gadolls drove humanity to extinction. With 90% of the world’s population gone, the remaining humans take refuge in a massive, mobile fortress, known as the titular Deca-Dence. The fortress is constantly moving, utilizing the blood of the Gadolls to power their city and equipment.

The working class of this new society comes in two main groups. The Gears are a race of warriors who fight the Gadoll creatures every day, harvesting their body for their blood-fuel. While Tankers are the ones who maintain the massive fortress, through roles such as engineers, crew, cleaners, and much more. The Deca-Dence anime is about one girl named Natsume (Tomori Kusunoki), raised as a Tanker. Despite her station, she is working towards becoming a soldier and joining the Gears to fight the Gadolls. Natsume is a curious girl who saw her father killed at the hands of the Gadolls when she was young. However, in the same incident, she also lost one of her arms, making her ineligible to be a Gear. Deca-Dence is all about Natsume’s journey to fight for her future, and how her ambitions and idealism affect the world around her.

The Deca-Dence Anime Premiere Review Is All Set Up With A Massive Payoff

Deca-Dence anime premiere review scene. Image via Funimation.

The first episode of Deca-Dence sets the stage for the rest of the series. After Nastume’s failed attempts to be a soldier, she finds a new job in the Armor Repair department. However, as a rookie, she first has to put in 5 years of just cleaning the outside of the fortress, hanging off of a harness. She’s basically a glorified window cleaner. However, the silver lining is her boss, Kaburagi. The complete opposite of her, Kaburagi (Katsuyuki Konishi) is a hardened, possibly embittered, and indifferent man. The only chink in his armor seems to be the sweet little Gadoll creature he’s hiding as a pet. As Natsume and Kaburagi get to know each other more, they seem to compliment the other’s opposing personalities. And just then, disaster strikes. 

The Chaotic World Of Deca-Dence Anime Is Just Unfolding

Deca-Dence anime premiere review Kaburagi. Image via Funimation.

To end of the Deca-Dence anime premiere review, we have to discuss the last few minutes of the episode. The premiere episode of this original anime series focused a lot on world-building. We saw this larger than life moving fortress from the perspective of orphan girl Natsume with even bigger ambitions. But it’s the last few minutes that really make you commit to the entire series. 

While there are glimpses of the Gadolls and the Gears, the last act of the Deca-Dence anime premiere showcases a full-blown battle sequence. As alarms blare, we learn that a horde of Gadolls, followed by a giant Godzilla-like one, is approaching the Deca-Dence fortress. Immediately the crew and inhabitants kick into action. The citizens all get to safety, while the military personal on the bridge takes their battle stations. The fortress stops, anchors itself and prepares to take on all the monsters. While the Gears get to fight the threat on the ground level. Among the chaos, Natsume and a few other cleaners accidentally fall overboard from the fortress into the ensuing battle. And that’s when things get interesting. 

The Sci-Fi Action Of The Deca-Dence Anime Premiere Is Incredibly On Point

While Natsume and others plunge to their death, Kaburagi seemingly spins into action to save them. He falls after Natsume and hooks her onto him using a cable when he reaches her. Then he commanders one of the dead Gears’ flying machine and starts to pick off the smaller Gadolls one by one. With Natsume helplessly flailing about behind him in tow. All the while Deca-Dence itself fires a massive cannon to take down the larger than life monster about to attack the city in an incredibly tense action sequence. 

Deca-Dence is an intriguing anime series that really plays on the futuristic last-hope of mankind formula. The entire fortress concept of a small civilization trying to rebuild after the destruction of their world reminds me of Battlestar Galactica. Natsume’s naivety is perfectly complimented by Kaburagi’s indifference. The world, its characters, and the concept of Deca-Dence completely reels you in and you definitely want to know how everything else unfolds after the premiere episode. 

Deca-Dence will release on Funimation on July 8. 

Did you catch the Deca-Dence anime premiere episode? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below. 

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