Fire Force Anime Season 2 Premiere Sets FunimationCon 2020 Ablaze!
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Review: Fire Force Season 2 Premiere Sets FunimationCon 2020 Ablaze!

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BY February 10, 2022

The first day of FunimationCon 2020 was an action-packed day of events. Along with anime voice-cast Q&As, musical guests, and panels, there were some amazing premieres of certain anime series as well. One such screening was the Fire Force anime season 2 premiere episode that packed quite a punch. The popular supernatural anime used the event to launch its new season and it’s definitely one worth looking out for. 

The Fire Force Manga Has An Insanely Unique Premise

Fire Force anime season cast. Image via Funimation.

Fire Force is an anime series based on a highly popular manga from author Atsushi Okobo. The manga appeared in Weekly Shonen Magazine since 2015. The manga was all about elite groups from a firefighter-like organization, set in a world where spontaneous combustion of humans is very much a thing. The story takes place 250 years after a Great Disaster saw most of the countries of the world mysteriously engulfed in flames. The only place left with little damage was the Tokyo Empire, where most survivors took refuge. 

And not only that but people spontaneously bursting into flames remains the story’s biggest threat. As people combust for unknown reasons, they become Infernals. Through the years there have also been people who have certain fire-related abilities. Known as Pyrotechnics, these people can retain their human form, while controlling and manipulating fire in various ways. Second-generation Pyrotechnics can control fire but need something to create it first. While third-generations can create and control it as well. Fire Force is the story of one of eight companies that deal with the Infernal threat.

Fire Force Anime Season 1 Recap Is Rich In Story And Character Development

Fire Force anime season 2 powers. Image via Funimation.

The first season of the Fire Force anime introduces us to its main cast of characters. The leading protagonist being Shinra (Derick Snow), a young boy who is also a third-generation Pyrotechnic who can produce fire from his feet. Shinra is the hero of the Fire Force anime, as his past is directly linked to the events of the world. Seeing his mother and little brother die in a fiery accident, Shinra has dedicated his life to becoming a hero, to prevent others from suffering the same fate. He is the rookie that joins Fire Force Company 8, along with other powered and non-powered members. 

Fire Force anime’s ensemble cast is truly intriguing, featuring a wide array of personalities. Unlike other companies, Company 8 has a mandate to investigate why people are combusting spontaneously, something that remains unknown to this day. The company’s Captain is a non-powered human and the Lieutenant (Chris Wehkamp) is a Pyrotechnic who can manipulate the fire from bullets, controlling them. Then there’s Iris (Alexis Tipton) who is the company’s resident Nun. Her job is to pray for the souls of the Infernals before the company defeats them. There are also various other members with cool fire powers, one of whom can channel flames into a sword. Something that vaguely looks like a lightsaber, but obviously isn’t, for legal reasons.

Company 8 Has A Very Unique Mission

Fire Force anime season 2 action. Image via Funimation.

Corruption runs rampant among the other fire companies. So Fire Force Company 8 came together to investigate the others, as well as the reason for the Infernal threat. Season 1 unfolds in various ways as the unknown Infernals origins seem to stem from supernatural means. The show begins as a procedural, by introducing the characters and fighting specific monsters every episode. But it becomes much much more. The season 1 arc also reveals how there may be more to Shinra’s family’s death, hinting at his brother being alive.

A lot is going on in season 1, as we discover a group of villains possibly responsible for creating the Infernals. Or at least, attempting to replicate the process. One such villain was experimenting with children, hoping for a different reaction, until Shinra stopped him. On top of the supernatural storylines, there’s also a lot of deception and mystery  in the show, with the other fire Companies hiding secrets of their own from everyone else.

FunimationCon 2020 Saw Fire Force Anime Season 2 Premiere

The first-ever FunimationCon released the premiere episode of Fire Force anime season 2, and it was pretty great. The season picks up where things left off in season 1, while still making it very accessible to a new audience wanting to jump into the series. After the massive battle that Shinra had at the end of season 1, season 2 starts pretty light. The cast is taking some time off as they go shopping for their boringly dressed Lieutenant. But the light-hearted moments don’t last as an Infernal appears threatening to cause chaos. 

Fire Force Company 8 rallies together to take on this new threat, and it’s very spectacular. The episode looks very much like a season premiere with a lot of pomp and circumstance. As the entire company teams up, there’s an amazing shot of everyone emerging from the smoke, in a group cool-guy walk. It’s tried, tested, and totally badass. As each Fire Force member takes a position to fight the new monster, the frame freezes and we get text introducing us to that character, along with details on their powers.

Fire Force Is Basically Supernatural Meets Chicago Fire

Shinra Image via Funimation.

The entire concept of the Fire Force anime seems very much like The CW’s Supernatural meets NBC’s Chicago Fire. A group of fire fighting members who take on supernatural threats that also seem to have religious inclinations is pretty interesting. As season 1 progressed, many other antagonists had ulterior religious motives behind their nefarious actions. This is one element of the show that is the most intriguing. The concept on its own is fun enough, but by adding a religious angle, it rounds out the world that much more. Throughout the series, there’s various religious imagery and references, without actually commenting or critisizing on those aspects in any way.

The show also deals with corruption among its ranks and works as an intense workplace drama. Other companies of Fire Force are being deceptive, so various members from Fire Force Company 8 infiltrate them to investigate. There’s also romance that brews between members from different companies, which in turn breeds even more tension. The Fire Force anime season 2 has got it all!

Fire Force season 2 is now streaming on Funimation.

What did you think of the Fire Force anime season 2 premiere? Let us know in the comments below. 

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