The Pacific Rim: The Black Anime Announces Release Date In Trailer
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The Pacific Rim: The Black Anime Announces Release Date In Latest Trailer

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BY February 7, 2021

It’s definitely Kaiju-Week with all the recent news of monster-themed movies and content coming out. I mean, if sharks can get a week, why not Kaijus? First, there was the Godzilla vs. Kong trailer which blew minds. Then we had confirmation of a Cloverfield sequel in development. The Shin Ultraman trailer brought classic Kaiju to the big screen. And now we’ve got another trailer with even more Kaiju heading our way. The new Pacific Rim: The Black release date announcement came through a new trailer for the Netflix anime. The relatively newer franchise than the others mentioned, sees a new series that could take the premise in new and exciting directions. But most importantly, it’s the giant robots fighting giant monsters concept that excited audiences. 

Pacific Rim: The Black Release Date In New Trailer

Pacific Rim: The Black release date images. Image via Netflix.

The Pacific Rim anime series spins off of the fan-favorite Pacific Rim movies from Guillermo Del Toro. Del Toro directed the first film while producing its sequel in Uprising. The original movie was all about a future where monsters named Kaiju appear from a tear in reality. Ravaging everywhere they went, the attacks increased, devastating the world. The world’s nations put aside their politics and united to build giant robots called Jaegers to fight off the giant monsters.

While the movies didn’t really set critics’ hearts’ a flutter, they were good enough to warrant the spin-off. The concept is innovative and interesting enough that the franchise keeps getting revisited. It’s the most recent installment of the Kaiju monster genre, the most famous of which are the various Godzilla movies. Pacific Rim as an anime makes the most sense since it allows the creators a long-form storytelling avenue that the movies can’t provide. But the Pacific Rim: The Black release date trailer definitely shows how it would all work. 

New Pacific Rim Anime Trailer Invokes The Original Movies

The trailer released by Netflix, more of a short teaser really, highlights the best parts of the franchise. With close-up shots of the Jaeger pilots suiting up, the cool-ness of Pacific Rim is on display in this trailer. The official synopsis says that the new show will be about siblings looking for their parents while fighting to survive. 

The trailer opens with news reports of Kaiju rising over Australia. The sequences are intercut with the image of a downed Jaeger. The trailer ends with one of the siblings asking what they should do. While the other replies to initiate the drift. A phrase that is absolutely for fans of the franchise to get excited over. For a relatively new franchise in genre fiction, Pacific Rim sure has moments from both movies that are memorable enough to exploit in this new series. Hopefully, the story will be just as good, and not reliant on that fan nostalgia.

Pacific Rim: The Black release date is March 4 at Netflix. 

Featured image via Netflix. 

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