Rick And Morty vs Genocider Anime Is From Tower Of God Director
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New Rick And Morty Anime Short Comes From Tower Of God Director

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BY February 10, 2022

Rick And Morty is an incredibly unique adult sci-fi fantasy show that always pushes the boundaries of conventionality. It’s a quirky show about multiple realities, time travel, and exploration, that allow the makers to get as weird and as creative as they want. The results are some of the best sci-fi episodes in a comedy TV series. And the show continues that trend with a new Rick And Morty vs Genocider anime from the Tower Of God director. 

Rick And Morty vs Genocider Anime Is a New Addition

Rick And Morty vs Genocider anime Rick. Image via Adult Swim.

Rick And Morty is one of the few successful adult animated shows out there. Recently, the series has been taking more risks with special episodes, crossovers, and additional material for their fourth season. Surprisingly, this new Rick And Morty vs Genocider episode is not their first. There was another anime short based on the popular Lone Wolf And Cub manga. The Samurai & Shogun anime was much shorter than this new one and was basically pretty straight forward and action-packed. However, the new anime is a little more—let’s say—abstract.

New Anime Is A Time Travel (Mis)Adventure

Coincidentally, the brand new Rick And Morty anime actually comes from the director of another recent anime, Tower Of God. The new series is part of the Crunchyroll Originals lineup released earlier this year. Tower Of God is a great adventure story about a boy battling monsters through an epic tower to save his friend. Director Takashi Sano and his team have now done something special by creating this new Rick And Morty vs Genocider anime. The new episode is seemingly a continuation of the series’ different storylines and plot points. 

A council interrogates Morty and he gets a new mission to find the Rick from his timeline. The abstract concepts about the warping and twisting of memories affecting time is really dense. As a result, the new anime episode is really hard to follow. There’s even a reference to a Rick And Morty season 2 episode that factors into these events. The episode ends as abruptly as it began with a great time travel twist in its final moments. The collaboration between the Tower Of God director and Rick And Morty looks to be very successful given that the 8-minute episode has over 4 million views on YouTube as of this writing.

The Rick And Morty vs Genocider anime episode is now on YouTube. 

So what did you think about the new Rick And Morty anime? Let us know in the comments below. 

Featured image via Adult Swim.

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