New Pokémon Anime ‘Pocket Monsters’ Has Some Fans Worried

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BY September 13, 2019

The biggest Anime franchise in the world just made a huge announcement. Pokémon recently announced a brand new series on their official YouTube channel. The new show, titled Pokemon: Pocket Monsters, may unite all the different regions that have thus far been separate in each iteration of the Pokemon world. 

Pokémon is a worldwide multimedia franchise. It consists of TV shows, movies, video games, and based on the Every tattoo I just saw on someone today, it’s more than just a hobby. We included the TV series and movies in our Anime guide as one of the most popular and significant Anime in the world. 

This new may not seem like a big deal so far to non fans or enthusiasts. But with the massive success of Pokémon’s Detective Pikachu, and the overwhelming popularity of the mobile game Pokémon Go, this franchise may be opening up to casual audiences who will discover it all anew. 

So What Are Regions In Pokémon, And Why Do They Matter?

The popularity of Pokémon began with video games that featured the adventures of a boy in a world inhabited by various creatures. These animals, some small and cute, some large and terrifying, have various functions. Mostly, people train them as pets and to battle against others in tournaments all over the world. 

Poster of Pokemon: Sun And Moon Image via TV Tokyo

The Pokémon story sees one such boy, Ash Ketchum, embark on an adventure to become the world’s best Pokémon Trainer. He does this in one part of the world first, attempting to become the master of one League. As the video games expanded, so did the TV shows. As newer Pokémon appeared, the shows explained them as being native to the newer regions of this world that each game featured.

So each TV show and each adventure featured Ash traveling to these different regions, to compete against different opponents, with different Pokémon. This naturally meant the shows had different tones, styles of combat among its characters and many other such differences. But the new show will apparently feature all the regions introduced in the Pokémon universe thus far. This naturally means Pocket Monsters will have a much bigger scope for storytelling than any other show so far. 

What The New Show Means For Pokemon

While the evolution of the TV shows has thus far been following the developments of the games, Pocket Monsters may be trying something different. The potential audience has grown exponentially over the past few years. Pokémon Go was one of the very first Augmented Realities (AR) games for mobile devices. The game has seen over 1 billion downloads worldwide. The game has caused a lot of buzz, controversy and exposure of the franchise into the mainstream. 

Combined with the worldwide critical and commercial success of the Ryan Reynolds starring Pokémon Detective Pikachu, the makers of Pokémon might be looking at a new era. Pocket Monsters may be attempting to reboot the TV universe of Pokémon with an all-new story that is inclusive of the previously expanding world, showcasing newer adventures, and quite possibly a new protagonist. 

Why Some Fans Are Fearing The Worst

During the TV franchise, Ash Ketchum has remained the shows’ main character. However, with theories of this potential reboot, some fans are fearing the worst. Audiences’ concerns are that Ash will no longer be the main hero of the new show. The reason for this is that the announcement teased when we’ll find out more about the new show.

An image from the Pokemon Anime Image via TV Tokyo

Currently, there is one anime still on the air, Pokémon Sun & Moon, starring Ash. The September 29th episode of the show is reportedly when we will find out more about the new series. This is worrying fans, as the leading theory is that this current series will see the end of Ash’s journey. Paving the way for a new hero to be the main lead of the new Pokémon anime, Pocket Monsters. 

We know very little about Pocket Monsters beyond that even region will be part of the new show’s story. While Ash may be a part of the new show, he could easily be not. We will have to wait until September 29, to get more details. 

Stay tuned to this space for more details. 

Do you think Ash will be part of the new Pokémon anime? Let us know in the comments below. 

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