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New Pacific Rim Anime Series’ First Look Released With Official Images

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BY April 25, 2022

Pacific Rim was a Guillermo Del Toro directed action-adventure movie that took the monster vs. robot sub-genre to new heights. The franchise only spawned two movies, but what glorious movies they were. Well, realistically, the films weren’t blockbusters, either critically or commercially, but garnered enough popularity to warrant ‘franchise’ status. Enamoured with the subject matter, Del Toro himself mentioned an animated series in development years ago. And now, years later, the Pacific Rim anime series is finally here, with some official images as a first look.

The Perfect Storm Of Sub-Genre For Anime And Action Fans

Pacific Rim anime Kaiju. Image via Legendary.

The 2013 Pacific Rim felt like the live-action version of many highly popular anime series. Shows like Robotech and the various Gundam anime series are classics for their use of gigantic mechanized droids fighting against monsters and each other in glorious action set pieces. Pacific Rim brought that very concept into a live-action format. And it genuinely was a sight to behold. Not to mention then you also combine the Kaiju aspect of it all, with the monstrous robots fighting monsters themselves, and it’s just a good time at the movies. 

The premise of Pacific Rim was simple. A world ravaged by large monsters called Kaiju that began to appear unexpectedly. The only solution was the world coming together to fight off these beasts with even bigger robots known as Jaegers. The Jaegers require a mind meld between two pilots resulting in their minds linking together. Thus, this new weapon proved to work against the Kaijus. Both movies dealt with varying Kaiju threats, necessitating heroes to come forth to defeat them. And the Pacific Rim anime looks like it will follow a similar story. 

The Pacific Rim Anime Is Set In The Same Universe As Its Movies

Pacific Rim: The Black is the newest anime series spun off from the movies. The series’ announcement came from the Netflix Japan Anime Twitter account. The first images released look clean and polished, which is a great sign when it comes to new anime. Not to mention that the 3D animation looks less clunky and much more anime-like. The official synopsis of the new series feels familiar to the first movie. 

“Long ago, humanity defeated the Kaiju. Now, they’re evacuating Australia. Join a pair of siblings and their battered, long-abandoned Jaegar as they battle across a continent of danger.”

Similar to the first movie, the new story also follows a pair of siblings. However, the story is unclear if they are already Jeager trained pilots or ones who just find an abandoned Jaeger and take off. The one interesting thing about the new show is sort of what was lacking from the original movies. Despite their awesome-ness, the Pacific Rim movies lacked a certain emotional core that prevented them from becoming anything more than just fun movies. Given the story of the new Pacific Rim anime, a show about siblings finding parents, there definitely should be some heart to the larger than life spectacle of robot monsters. 

Pacific Rim: The Black premieres on Netflix in 2021. 

So are you excited for a Pacific Rim anime series? Let us know in the comments below. 

Featured image via Legendary. 


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