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New Netflix Anime Coming From Devilman: Crybaby Director

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BY February 10, 2022

Netflix is no stranger to Anime. As we’ve covered earlier, Netflix has many original anime to offer their subscribers as well as being the exclusive distributor for popular titles. Now, a new Netflix anime is coming from the same director who did one of their greatest originals, Devilman: Crybaby.

What Was Devilman: Crybaby?

Devilman: Crybaby was one of the new Netflix anime that was an original production for Netflix. The series is a demon-filled psychosexual thriller that takes many twists and turns. Devilman: Crybaby gets a lot of praise for its dark and devious tangent into nightmare-ish territory. But its criticisms are for the same reasons.

Director Masaaki Yuasa is famous for his very specific style of animation and storytelling. Seems like the collaboration with Netflix paid off, given that the new series comes from him.

A poster for Netflix's Devilman: Crybaby. New Netflix anime Image via Netflix

The New Netflix Anime Comes From A Novel

As mentioned in our previous Anime Guide, Manga is the biggest source material for most Anime series. However, the new Netflix anime comes from a novel. The book by Sakyo Komatsu is Japan Sinks and released in 1973.

This marks very few anime series based on actual novels and not graphic novels. If successful, the Japan Sinks anime could spark a new trend of anime based on novels. As a result, this would expand the pool of source material for the industry.

This New Anime from Netflix Sounds Like A Disaster Movie

Japan Sinks is a science fiction novel with an interesting, if not familiar premise. It’s one that sees a sequence of natural disasters hitting the island of Japan. With deadly consequences. The story follows a group of scientists as they attempt to convince their government of the disasters. It’s an uphill battle as their government refuses to listen, putting the life of every citizen at risk.

The story definitely sounds very much like the typical disaster movie. And there have been countless movies of that genre. While not specifically anime, many Hollywood movies have covered the genre. Some that come to mind are San Andreas, & Geostorm. Similarly, even outside of Hollywood, disaster movies are pretty common. China has their own Netflix movie in the genre, The Wandering Earth.

How Does Masaaki Yuasa Fit Into the Story of This New Netflix Anime?

In contrast to Devilman, the story of Japan Sinks doesn’t sound at all like it’s up Yuasa’s alley. Especially given how graphic, violent and explicit Devilman: Crybaby turned out. It seems like Japan Sinks would be too generic for a filmmaker of his tastes.

While we will have to wait until the anime releases to find out, the wait shouldn’t be too long.

The new Netflix Anime adaptation of Japan Sinks premieres in 2020. 

What do you think about Japan Sinks Anime adaptation? Sound off in the comments below.


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