New Beyblade In Works by Demizu Posuka
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New Beyblade In Works by Demizu Posuka

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BY May 14, 2023

Posuka Demizu, the famous illustrator behind The Promised Neverland, is officially working on a new Beyblade manga. Beyblade X, the latest in the franchise, will follow the new generation of beybladers. This will be the first addition to the anime franchise since 2017. 

When is the new Beyblade Coming? Release Date 

The new Beyblade project has been in the making for quite some time now. Since the official announcement in March this year, we now have an update on the franchise. Posuka Demizu, the manga illustrator mostly famous for The Promised Neverland, is going to work on this project.

Moreover, Posuka will illustrate the work which will follow the story by Kakegurui writers. When it comes to the release date of Beyblade X, it’s coming in Summer 2023. It will follow the fourth generation of beybladers. 

While we don’t have any details about the plot of the new Beyblade manga, we do know it’s going to follow the next generation of beybladers. For example, each of the franchise installments followed a new generation ever since the early 2000s. 

The next installment called Beyblade X comes more than 5 years after the final episode of Beyblade Burst. Burst released episodes from 2015, ultimately ending after one season in March, 2017. 

Posuka Demizu’s Work Divides Anime Fans

The latest news about Demizu Posuka’s part in the new Beyblade project received mixed replies. From being ecstatic about the release of the Beyblade manga to being disappointed in Demizu, fans didn’t hold back when they voiced their opinions. One fan even went as far as saying: “Such a talent, why waste it on Beyblade?” 

However, Demizu Posuka is one of the most appreciated illustrators of all time. In addition, the world-renowned writers Hikaru Muno and Kawamoto Homura will serve as manga’s writers. The new Beyblade manga will definitely bring something different this time around. 

Posuka Demizu’s most popular work is The Promised Neverland. While it’s great news that she has new projects going on, the disappointment set in after the release of the poorly executed season 2 of The Promised Neverland. Thus, fans are thinking: Why set sail with new projects, when the last one is not executed well? 

Well, it’s still great news to hear Posuka’s tuning in for this project. Perhaps, she will be able to do justice in the manga realm by creating amazing new Beyblade stories, which we’ve been expecting since 2015! Stay tuned to find out more updates about this and other manga and anime series.


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