High-Rise Invasion Anime Trailer Is A High-Octane Survival Thriller
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Netflix’s New High-Rise Invasion Anime Trailer Is The Latest High-Octane Survival Thriller

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BY February 10, 2022

Netflix does it again. Netflix seems to churn out original anime content with impressive regularity. This time around, it’s the quality of the content that impresses. Releasing the High-Rise Invasion anime trailer, Netflix gives us a first proper look into a new anime thriller. The new series looks a lot like The Raid meets the Japanese series, Alice in Borderland. Although it bears some similarities in premise, the story looks completely original and wholly intriguing. 

High-Rise Invasion Anime Trailer Has a Disturbing Premise

High-Rise Invasion anime trailer girl. Image via Netflix.

The new trailer begins with a young girl, seemingly lost inside a building. Trying to reach her big brother on the phone, the girl comes across some weird threats in the structure. She quickly realizes that there are people running around, in masks, trying to kill her. To avoid death, she has to fight back, somehow, or traverse the heights, escaping to another building. (They are connected using a system of ramps.) 

This is where I draw the comparisons to Alice In Borderland. The young girl seems trapped, and there is a game afoot. She has to either fight back or get killed. The people in masks also seem to play a role in this whole thing. There is definitely a larger story going on behind the scenes. Hidden motivations, secret plans, some God-like ideas at play, and overall the High-Rise Invasion anime trailer does a great job of getting me excited for the show. 

Netflix’s New Anime Series Comes From A Manga

High-Rise Invasion anime trailer Manga. Image via Manga Box

As with most anime series, High-Rise Invasion is also from a popular manga. It’s fairly new, compared to other classics, but this manga ran from 2013 to 2019. Netflix acquired the rights. They announced the series back in October 2020. Things moved fairly quickly. It’s only a few months later, and the trailer revealed the new High-Rise Invasion anime will premiere on February 25 on Netflix. 

This series made it to one of my most anticipated anime in 2021, given its unique premise and broad action concept. The trailer looks bloody, gory, and intensely fast-paced, promising an enjoyable thrill ride. But I wonder if the anime trailer didn’t reveal too much about the story itself? 

Did The High-Rise Invasion Anime Trailer Reveal Too Much?

High-Rise Invasion anime trailer mask. Image via Netflix.

While the initial mystery of the masks is interesting enough, the trailer does go very deep into a lot of other ideas presented in the show. The young girl seems to be stuck in the building, while her brother is outside, as she’s talking to him on the phone. Finding him seems to be her motivation to fight back and kill the masked peopled. (Well, that and not dying.) We also see him talking on the phone with others behind this whole mess as well. The masks themselves look like they vary in style, providing clues to their wearer’s intentions? 

There is a Sniper Mask and a Dealer Mask that are in the trailers. Whether those are classifications of the types of masks, or names of the specific antagonists, is unknown. The show also seems to have many other additional characters as well. There’s talk about this being an institution for Gods. In a way, I almost wish they’d stuck to  Safe to say that my interest is very piqued. 

High-Rise Invasion anime releases on Netflix on February 25. 

Are you excited for this new Netflix anime series? Let me know in the comments below. 

Featured image via Netflix. 

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