Netflix’s New Dino Girl Gauko Anime Is A Silly Series In All the Right Ways

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BY November 11, 2019

In the world of Netflix, the newest show is the Dino Girl Gauko anime, which released its first trailer. The new anime seems to target a different audience with its all-ages themes, and hilariously off the wall and silly comedic tone. 

What The Heck Is Dino Girl Gauko?

Originally starting as a small webcomic, Dino Girl Gauko has largely gone unnoticed. The story is about a tween girl going through the normal riggers of adolescence. Family drama, school issues and the overall anxiety of growing up in a world that feels not ready to accept her, is all pretty standard for a coming of age story.

Where Dino Girl Gauko differs, is in how she deals with the stresses of this normal life. When triggered, she turns into a green, fire breathing dinosaur. Quite literally. 

Poster from Dino Girl Gauko on Netflix Image via Netflix.

OK. So What is The Dino Girl Gauko Anime?

The original Netflix series will be similar to the webcomic. The story of the Dino Girl Gauko anime remains the same. However, some thematic elements and the actual storylines may get more complex and delve deeper into the main character’s life. 

It seems the literal transformation of a young girl into an actual dinosaur is more of an allegory manifesting the worst-case scenario of teen anxiety and stresses. When life gets hard, many youth retreat into safe havens, either externally or internally. Some of these methods of dealing with it are harmful while others are entirely healthy. 

So a show that deals with a young girl trying to deal with her life, while becoming a rage-filled fire breathing dinosaur is hilariously poignant. Especially given the subject matter. 

New Netflix Anime Deals With Some Heavy Stuff

One episode of the Dino Girl Gauko Anime was actually showcased at a Netflix presentation. The episode, entitled “Dad’s Little Secret”, deals with how the young girl suspects her father of having an affair. From a child’s perspective, her concerns were whether her father will kick out her and her mom out, in favour of the new, supposed woman in his life. 

Dino Girl in Netflix Original Image via Netflix.

While it’s something you don’t usually see in such a show, it’s an issue completely relatable with many youths. Divorce is very much a thing in modern society, as is adultery and infidelity. It’s naive to think that kids aren’t aware, in varying degrees, of the nuances of a relationship ending. So to have a show that deals with that from the perspective of a young girl, is incredibly refreshing. 

It’s content you don’t usually associate with a children’s show. 

Make No Mistake, Dino Girl Is Very Much A Kids Show

In an interview with Variety, creator Hitoshi Mogi discusses his intentions with Dino Girl Gauko, and who the show is for. 

“I think pre-teen girls will especially enjoy the show. While we have been creating the series for a kid’s audience, I believe it could be widely enjoyable for adults too.”

— Hitoshi Mogi; Variety

Such a show will definitely be a departure from Netflix’s existing anime line-up, such as Seis Manos, which is more adult-themed content. And if there was any remaining doubt that the Dino Girl Gauko anime is for kids, the trailer shuts down all those doubts. 

Dino Girl Gauko Trailer Looks Like A Silly Good Time

The world of this anime looks riddled with insane and outrageous concepts and ideas that can’t help bring a smile to your face. The trailer begins with the lead character’s narration about her life in a small town Japanese suburb. 

Her teacher is a robot. Her father is a Frog-man. The setting looks bright and insane. The characters are quirky and off the wall odd. The entire thing looks incredibly fantastical and completely ‘out there’. The style of animation looks very similar to other Japanese kid’s shows like Doraemon. The simplicity of the style should definitely complement the complex issues covered.

Dino Girl Gauko will be a 20-episode season with episodes all fixed at 7 minutes. It should be interesting to see how the makers are able to fit in such a story and complex subject matter in such a short amount of time. 

Dino Girl Gauko premieres on Netflix on November 22, 2019. 

Will you be tuning in for Dino Girl Gauko? Let us know in the comments below. 

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