He-Man Anime Cast List Revealed By Kevin Smith 
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Netflix’s He-Man Anime Cast List Revealed By Kevin Smith 

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BY January 7, 2021

Showrunner Kevin Smith has finally confirmed the He-Man Anime cast list for his new Netflix series. After announcing the series last summer at Power-Con, the filmmaker has shared the cast list on his social media. Along with pictures of the voice actors for his latest series, Masters Of The Universe: Revelation. 

Masters Of The Universe: Revelation Is a Sequel Not A Reboot

There are many He-Man projects currently in the works, including a CGI animated reboot for Netflix as well. With the fate of the live-action He-Man movie uncertain, it looks like Kevin Smith’s Anime sequel is going full steam ahead. Smith, an unabashed He-Man fan, announced the series last summer, along with his writing crew. Masters Of The Universe: Revelation will be in the Anime style from Powerhouse Animation, known for its Castlevania series, and more recently, Seis Manos. 

He-Man Anime cast list poster. Image via Netflix.

Smith described the new series as being a continuation of the cult 80’s hit. The series will reportedly pick up from where the original series left off, continuing the battle of good and evil. He-Man sees a noble Prince Adam, fight to protect his kingdom of Eternia from the evil Skeletor and his army. The prince does this by transforming into a super-hero-like character known as He-Man, using a magical sword. Along with his companions, many of whom have their own skills and powers, He-Man protects his world, in an ongoing feud with Skeletor.

He-Man Anime Is a Long Ways Away

During follow up conversations on his man Podcasts, Smith did temper fans’ expectations about the new He-Man anime. He advised that the series is a long way from completion, with only scripting happening at the moment. Given that it is an Anime, it will be a while before the series if ready for its premiere. However, Smith did provide some good news to fans on his Instagram account, sharing the finalized He-Man anime cast list. It was a  Valentines Day surprise, and it definitely was surprising. He posted a series of pictures on Instagram with many famous live-action and voice actors. The last image of the series was a screenshot of a text which features the He-Man anime cast list. The list confirms the actors and the characters for Smith’s He-Man anime. And it’s a surprise on many fronts.

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HAPPY VALENTINES DAY from the palace of Eternia! We have cast some true masters of their craft for our @masters cartoon that’s coming to @netflix, including 2 Batmans, a Buffy, and a Joker! @jtk2001a from @mattel and @animateted gifted #mastersoftheuniverse with a gifted voice cast, which includes @christophrwood, @sarahmgellar, @hamillhimself, @iamlenaheadey, @tiffany_smith, @baderdiedrich, @justinlong @aliciasilverstone, @liamcunningham1, @grifflightning, @henryandheidi, and @jaymewes as Stinkor! We’ve recorded lots of episodes and the cast sounds brilliant together! I am Eternia-Ly grateful to Rob, Teddy and @likearadio for pulling out all the stops on the road to Revelations! The world of #motu is incredibly rich with fantastic characters, and this cast (including original #skeletor #alanopenheimer as #mossman) is an indication of how seriously we treat this return to #castlegrayskull! I can’t wait for you to hear and see our show! Click the link in my bio for the full cast and details! #KevinSmith #mastersoftheuniverse #mastersoftheuniverserevelation

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Cast List Of He-Man Anime Is Surprisingly Impressive

The He-Man anime cast list that Smith shared has some unexpected surprises and shocks for geeks everywhere. Firstly, the cast list shows that Mark Hamill (Star Wars, The Flash) will be the voice for the main villain of the show, Skeletor. The villains’ right-hand woman Evil-Lyn is Lena Headey (Game Of Thrones, Dredd). Along with the famous Kevin Conroy (Batman: The Animated Series) appearing as Merman.

The bad buys will be going up against Chris Wood (Supergirl, The Vampire Diaries) who will be the series’ hero, He-Man / Prince Adam. His mentor and trainer Teela is Sarah Michelle Geller (Buffy The Vampire Slayer). Liam Cunningham will be voicing ManAtArms, a faithful soldier of Prince Adam’s army, similar to his role in Game Of Thrones. Stephen Root (Office Space, Barry) will be Prince Adam’s pet feline, who is initially cowardly and lazy but transforms into Battle Cat to aid He-Man in battle. Diedrich Bader (Office Space) will play Adam’s father King Randor, while Alicia Silverstone (Batman And Robin, Clueless) plays Adam’s mother, Queen Marlena. Other notable actors include Justin Long, Jason Mewes, Phil LaMarr, Tony Todd, Harley Quinn Smith Tiffany Smith, and Susan Eisenberg.

He-Man Anime Cast List Shows That Recording Is Underway

The Instagram post from Smith not only confirms the cast list, along with characters that will appear in the series, but it seems production has moved beyond scripting. Many of the images look like they were at the recording studio, with Wood’s image even seeing him behind the microphone, on his own. So the He-Man anime looks to have gone into the recording of the voices, meaning that the series premiere should not be that far away, despite not having a release date thus far.

Masters Of The Universe: Revelation will be coming to Netflix soon. 

What did you think of the He-Man anime cast list? Let us know below, or on social media.

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