Netflix’s Eden Anime Date Announcement Revealed With New Trailer
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Netflix’s Eden Anime Announces Premiere Date With New Trailer

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BY March 31, 2021

Eden is a new Netflix anime set in a future without humans. The new anime series shows us a world full of robotic beings, where there are no more humans. But not only that, humans are actually seen as evil and forbidden. So imagine everyone’s surprise when some sympathetic robots find a little human baby girl. How a girl like this will grow up in this new world, is what Eden is all about. And Netflix’s Eden anime date announcement comes to us with a new trailer that gives more insight into the main conflict of the story. 

Netflix’s Eden Anime Date Announcement Trailer

Netflixs Eden anime date announcement trailer hero Image via Netflix.

The first trailer for Eden was more cutesy than dramatic. The trailer almost followed a very Wall-E-like story of cute robots finding and raising a cute baby in a not at all cute post-apocalyptic world. However, Netflix’s new Eden anime date announcement trailer is darker and more emotional than it is cute. 

The story is about Sara, the only human in this robotic world. It seems like there is a darker villain at play here, named Zero, who is the leader of all the robots. Finding out about Sara, Zero orders her death. It’s a world where the robots believe all humans are evil and must be destroyed to save the world. There definitely feels like there’s more of a backstory to this perception and a history that the series will explore.

How Eden Seems To Flip The Script On The Robot Vs. Humans Trope 

Netflixs Eden anime date announcement trailer villains Image via Netflix.

Eden is a unique concept. Usually, the story is always the other way around. It’s the robot that humans distrust, who then has to prove how he is just as human, as the humans themselves. Or some other sentimental premise that redeems the outsider to the humans. Movies like the aforementioned Wall-E, Chappie, Short Circuit, are all examples of this type of premise. This isn’t just limited to humans in general, but usually also seen in alien movies or any film where the arrival of an outsider is what drives the story forward. E.T., I Robot, Man Of Steel, to a lesser extent, would be examples of this trope. 

However, Eden seems to go a different direction, with the human being the perceived threat introduced in a world of artificial life. Sara’s arrival and existence seem to throw the world off-balance, with some robots actively seeking her destruction. But despite this type of story, Eden’s animation is much more family-friendly. It’s bright, colorful, and very clean, and not at all what you would expect from a post-apocalyptic robot world. So it’ll be interesting to see how things play out. 

Eden Is Netflix’s First Fully Original Japanese Anime

Netflixs Eden anime date announcement trailer Sara. Image via Netflix.

Netflix has had a lot of original anime over the last few years. Some have been exceptional hits like Castlevania and Blood Of Zeus season 1. But despite their level of success, most of these anime have been co-productions with American animation studios. While others are existing shows from Japan, licensed by Netflix for streaming. Whereas Eden is the first Japanese original anime, produced by Netflix. This is interesting as it marks a new model for Netflix to produce exclusively original anime content from Japan, for their platform only. 

This is also coming on the heels of a new announcement about how Netflix is planning up to 40 anime releases in 2021. As one of its first, I’m definitely excited for Eden, and can’t wait to see how it all works out. 

Eden anime release date is May 27 on Netflix.

Are you excited for this new Eden anime series? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured image via Netflix.

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