Altered Carbon Anime Reveals First Look Images And Release Date
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Netflix’s Altered Carbon Anime Reveals First Look Images And Release Date

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BY April 25, 2022

The new Netflix Altered Carbon anime is finally coming to the streaming giant. And it comes on the heels of Season 2 of the cyberpunk, neo-noir original series. With this new anime, Netflix continues its trend of doubling down on anime versions of their original properties. Possibly in an attempt to diversify their original content catalog to various demographics. 

The World Of Cyberpunk Neo-Noir Expands With The Altered Carbon Anime

Altered Carbon is an original Netflix science fiction series that blends multiples genres into a dense and unique story. The show sees a future where humans can survive by downloading their consciousness into various bodies. The show classifies this process as sleeving. The bodies, or sleeves, are a way to maintain a person’s identity through multiple bodies and multiple lifetimes. Evidently, the series did well enough to warrant a Season 2 which premieres on Netflix on February 27. However, Netflix will now be adding to the unique and dense world created in the series. The Altered Carbon Anime will be set in the same universe as the live-action TV series. And recently, Netflix announced the series’ release date, along with some first-look images. 

This IS Not The First Anime Companion to Original Content

Netflix’s decision to supplement its original content with an Altered Carbon Anime is not without precedence. Incidentally, one of the greatest hits of all time did the same, albeit 17 years ago. The world of The Matrix movies expanded into an animated companion video titled The Animatrix. The video saw multiple animated anthology shorts that served as a prequel to the main feature films. In the same vein as this new anime, many of The Animatrix shorts were also in the Anime medium. Also, in between Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, an anthology Batman anime set in that version of Gotham debuted, Gotham Knight. Interestingly, Warner Bros. was the studio behind both films. 

The Altered Carbon Anime Is Another Netflix Original Transformed Into Anime

Netflix's Altered Carbon Anime images. Image via Netflix.

This isn’t the first time that Netflix is adapting one of their original series into an Anime. Similarly, the streamer announced that The Witcher, will also get an Anime treatment. The Witcher is Netflix’s most recent success, so an Anime expansion only makes sense. As a result, with the Altered Carbon Anime, Netflix’s commitment to pursuing original Anime content is that much more clear. 

What Will The Altered Carbon Anime Be About?

The Altered Carbon Anime is unofficially titled Altered Carbon: Resleeved. And the new series will release less than 1 month after Altered Carbon Season 2. What that means for Season 2, or even the Anime series, we can’t tell right now. The tweet only showcased the first look images from the series. We do know that the new series will be an anime. However, we know almost next to nothing regarding any synopsis or storyline. But the animation style looks like it’s in the 3D format. Something that most Anime fans are not entirely, fans of. As is clear by the comments accompanying the original tweet. 

Altered Carbon Anime images. Image via Netflix.

But most importantly, the series is created by Cowboy Bebop writer Dai Soto. So there is definitely some credibility that comes with the series. And the images do reveal an entirely Samurai vibe to the show that, is not a surprise. Season 1 of Altered Carbon’s lead, Takashi Kovacs was an Asian character. So the Anime series images focusing on Samurai-styled content may hint at the series being a prequel. This would also make sense with the Anime releasing so close to the release of Season 2. And if the story of the Anime is independent of Season 2, then the back to back premieres make sense.

The Altered Carbon Anime releases on March 19. 

Are you looking forward to an Anime version of Altered Carbon? Let us know in the comments below or on our social media handles. 

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