MOTU Revelations Part 2 Release Date Revealed By Kevin Smith
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Kevin Smith Reveals Masters Of The Universe: Revelation Part 2 Release Date

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BY April 16, 2022

Kevin Smith’s Masters Of The Universe: Revelation part 1 got some mixed responses from audiences. Toxic fans made proclamations of it ruining their childhood, and other ridiculous claims. But good content will always prevail and lo and behold the next part is on its way. Kevin Smith himself tweeted out the official MOTU Revelations part 2 release date. And with an amazing artwork that seems to give out a bunch of clues about where the story could go in this second part.

Quick warning: the following will feature some minor spoilers for plot points revealed in part 1 of Masters Of The Universe: Revelations.

MOTU: Revelations Part 1 Was Amazing, Despite Fan Reaction

MOTU Revelations part 2 release date poster. Image via Netflix.

Masters Of The Universe: Revelations part 1 on Netflix was a very fun watch. The anime series from Powerhouse Animation was able to revitalize the 80’s animated show for a new generation. While also having a lot of things for old-school fans at the same time. And don’t take it from me. Check out our special He-Man Comic Years Podcast episode to see how even a life-long Masters fan loved the new show. But despite it all, fan reaction was, divisive, to say the least.

Smith has often talked about the amount of vitriol he receives from fans claiming he ruined He-Man for them. The new story puts Teela front and centre in a story where she deals with the betrayal of not being entrusted with Prince Adam’s secret identity. It was a great concept that showcased the other side of superhero alter egos and how the constant lies affect people closest to those heroes. But of course, people had a problem with a woman being the supposed lead. With the MOTU Revelations part 2 release date now out, I’m hoping we’re finally going to get the conclusion to the story that so many people got riled up about. For no reason.

The MOTU Revelations Part 2 Release Date Brings Us Closer To Vindication

MOTU Revelations part 2 release date Skeletor. Image via Netflix.

Honestly, it felt like the negative reaction of part 1 stems from how the release of the anime series got broken up into two parts. Unlike most Netflix shows, MOTU Revelations first season had a part 1 that released earlier, and now the part 2 release date is November 23. If all episodes released at the same time, fans may have had a chance to see the story play out in its entirety before reacting ever so strongly.

So here’s hoping that the MOTU Revelations part 2 will satisfy everyone once they see the larger picture. And from the new artwork that Smith showcased with the part 2 release date, it looks like we’ve got a lot to look forward to.

Does The Artwork For Part 2 Of MOTU Revelations Feature Clues For What’s To Come?

The amazing poster that Smith displayed with the part 2 release date comes from artist Nathan Baertsch. The poster reveals the best look at the Grayskull powered Skeletor that we saw at the end of part 1. Along with it, we also see the back of what looks like a hulking He-Man. Or rather, more hulking than he usually is. With much longer hair and a design that looks very neanderthal cave-man-like, it may be a He-Man that is somehow even more superpowered, to combat the new Skeletor? It’s difficult to say, but definitely curious.

We’ve also got Teela in the background, potentially embracing her hidden sorceress abilities? Not to mention Evil-Lynn literally letting her hair down, as her allegiances still remain in question. We’ll have to wait and see if she is the one who turns things around in this part, as I predicted in the Comic Years Podcast episode. But we won’t have to wait long.

MOTU Revelations part 2 releases on Netflix on November 23.

What did you think about the new poster for Masters Of The Universe: Revelations? Let me know in the comments below.

Featured image via Kevin Smith’s Twitter.

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