Moriarty The Patriot Anime Trailer Is A Prequel Story For A Villain
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Moriarty The Patriot Puts A New Anime Spin On The Famous Literary Character With A New Trailer

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BY November 18, 2020

We can rarely talk about the greatest fictional heroes, without referring to their villains. The hero-nemesis dynamic is what often brings out the best in the most popular heroes. So an anime prequel of one of literary fiction’s greatest villains is definitely something to get excited about. The Moriarty The Patriot anime trailer shows us just that; a prequel story involving the mortal enemy of one of fiction’s greatest detectives, Sherlock Holmes. The anime series based on the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle character is all about just how the nefarious Moriarty becomes Holmes’ arch-rival. It’s an interesting concept, and the trailers do make you want to immerse yourself in this world. 

Who Is Moriarty And Why Does He Deserve His Own Story?

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The adventures of Sherlock Holmes are something that’s gotten multiple adaptations in various media. Not just the character himself, but even the stories he was in, got their own homages and tributes in various other franchises. And throughout, the template for a villain as cunning as the protagonist, always one step ahead, was Moriarty himself. He’s a character renowned for his similar attributes to the hero he always antagonizes. While Sherlock is supposedly a great detective, master of deductive and logical reasoning, Moriarty is at times, even better. 

It’s their cat and mouse back and forth that makes up most of Holmes’ stories, so it’s easy to see why he’s such an appealing villain. But in most stories, Moriarty always operates from within the shadows, hiding, while his masterful schemes unfold in front of the audience. So despite Moriarty’s infamy, he’s a character that not many know a lot about. So a prequel series exploring his past and motivations seems like a perfectly good idea. And the Moriarty The Patriot anime trailer promises just that, and so much more. 

Moriarty The Patriot Anime Trailer Paints A Vivid Picture

The premise behind the Moriarty The Patriot anime is a very interesting one. It does act as a prequel to fill in the missing character development for the infamous villain. But how it does so is wholly original. The anime series began as a manga in 2016, followed by the anime adaptation which premiered recently in October. The second half of the series is set to premiere in April 2021. The new trailers released promote the upcoming second half of the show. 

Moriarty is actually adopted into the Moriarty name, by a wealthy noble. After a poverty-stricken life, the young man rises to the ranks of the wealthy with his adoption. However, it’s this walking between both worlds of 19th Century England that shapes him. Moriarty uses his genius mind to work as a detective, similar to Sherlock, but not at all in the way you would expect. Moriarty only takes cases from those less fortunate, to give them justice against the rich elite that wronged them. He does this by helping them get revenge by murdering their wrongdoers in a way that leaves no trace so they can completely get away with it. This one-man war on the elite of society is Moriarty’s way of correcting the socio-economic imbalance in his society. It’s heroic motivations followed through by villainous deeds. 

The Anime Series Sounds And Looks Brilliant

This journey of Moriarty that will eventually lead him down the path of evil is the righteous prequel of a villain that we all love to see. It’s why Anakin’s journey in Star Wars was so intriguing and tragic. Moriarty The Patriot anime trailers also tease Sherlock himself making appearances, which will only add to the excitement for the second half. The series is streaming in the U.S. via Funimation. While the latest trailer introducing the classic Sherlock-Moriarty rivalry is not in English, the initial trailer for the show from Funimation does have English subtitles.

The Second half of Moriarty The Patriot anime releases in Japan in April 2021. 

So are you curious about an anime prequel story about Moriarty? Let me know in the comments below. 

Featured image via Bandai Namco Arts’ YouTube channel.

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