Masters Of The Universe: Revelations Part 2 Trailer Has All The Spoilers
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By The Power Of Spoilers! Masters Of The Universe: Revelation Part 2 Trailer Out Now

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BY April 16, 2022

Masters Of The Universe: Revelation part 1 has been a hotly debated new anime adaptation of an older 80’s property. The glorified commercial of a toy that turned into an awesome animated TV series is a staple of many 90’s childhoods. Mine included. So when Kevin Smith announced an anime sequel that would continue the events of the original, excitement was high. What was unexpected, however, was all the negative fan reactions to the show, which was very much in line with the original. And now, with the release of the Masters Of The Universe: Revelations part 2 trailer, it seems like the creators are directly responding to that backlash. But I really wish they hadn’t. There’s a lot to discuss here, so let’s get into it.

Please note that a proper conversation about this part 2 trailer, dictates getting into some spoilers from part 1. But if you’ve seen the Masters Of The Universe: Revelations part 2 trailer, you already know that the trailer spoils a lot more than I ever could. So read on at your own peril if you haven’t seen part 1 yet.

Masters Of The Universe: Revelation Part 1 Backlash

Masters Of The Universe: Revelations pat 2 trailer Teela. Image via Netflix.

Our Managing Editor, Joshua M. Patton described the He-Man scandal best in a previous article. But the quick summary is how the MOTU: Revelations anime featured the character of Teela (Sarah Michelle Gellar) as the main protagonist of the show. The story begins with the death of He-Man and Skeletor in episode 1. The initial story then follows the reveal of He-Man’s identity to her and feeling betrayed, she went off on her own. After a time jump, the bulk of the story features how a new threat eventually makes Teela reconnect with her former allies, including He-Man. Part 1 ends in a cliffhanger that sees Skeletor (Mark Hamill) getting the power of Grayskull for himself. The villain won, basically. Or so it would seem, given that this was just part 1 of the series!

A certain group of fans had a very violent reaction to this, as they did not like a woman, being the hero of a show about a man. I won’t get into all the details, but it’s the same kind of fans upset about Rey as the lead in the Star Wars sequel trilogy. Or the ones who lost it over an all-female Ghostbusters reboot. Toxic fandom basically flexed its massive show-muscles and condemned the new anime series. Even though, creator Kevin Smith and his writer’s room kept all depictions and plot points in line with the original. But don’t take it from me, check out this Comic Years Podcast episode where two massive He-Man fans point out specifics from the old series that tie into the new one. Oh, and also, it was part 1, so there was a whole other part to come!

An Exciting And Amazing Trailer That Could Have Been Much Better

Masters Of The Universe: Revelations pat 2 trailer War Image via Netflix.

Continuing the story from part 1, the Masters Of The Universe: Revelations part 2 trailer kicks so much ass! Literally and figuratively. It’s epic in a way that I didn’t think He-Man could ever get. The trailer picks up the threads left open by the previous part and teases so much of what’s to come in the remaining 5 episodes of the series. With a voice-over by the now Skele-God Skeletor, the bad guys seems to have won? A superpowered Evil-Lynn now takes command and sets the stage for this evil reign. Quick glimpses immediately confirm the cliffhanger and some major story beats of the upcoming second part. He-Man is alive, obviously. Teela will become the new Sorcerer. Orko is also alive. I’m sorry if these are spoilers, but the trailer spoiled them. Not me.

Honestly, it’s pretty awesome to see how the conclusion of this, so far, insular story, will play out. What started as a character drama between a handful of iconic heroes, will end in a larger than life battle for the future of the universe! The Revelations part 2 trailer even teases a lot of other characters who were not present in part 1. But despite how incredibly exciting and hype-worthy this trailer was, I so so wish that Netflix didn’t bend to the will of those small group of miscreants I talked about earlier. Because, the awesomeness of this trailer is only overshadowed by the fact that it was specifically made to be totally transparent, so as to not upset those fans. And while transparency is an absolute must when purchasing discounted meat, it’s not so desirable in a creative story that was clearly structured around those surprises.

How The Masters Of The Universe: Revelations Part 2 Trailer Spoils Itself

Masters Of The Universe: Revelations pat 2 trailer Evil Lynn. Image via Netflix.

So much about this trailer spoils the entire story of part 2 of Masters Of The Universe: Revelations. Usually, Eagle-eyed fans can almost always discern a rough outline of any movie or show through the marketing campaign, multiple trailers, interviews, etc. It’s even the topic of our Spoilers episode of the Comic Years Podcast. But also usually, the marketing campaigns of those shows and movies try very hard not to spoil the story for fans. However, this MOTU: Revelations part 2 trailer almost goes out of its way to make sure fans, and those that hated part 1, know very clearly what the story is. So much so, that they reveal almost all the major cliffhangers, and explicitly state all the very subtle plot threads.

I’d be upset if it wasn’t for how amazing this trailer was. Also, I personally feel like me being mad at Netflix for trying to make their show successful, due to the malicious and shortsighted views of some of their audience, is giving that group way too much power. I’ll be tuning into part 2 with bated breath, despite the spoilers in this trailer.

Masters Of The Universe: Revelations part 2 premieres on Netflix on November 23.

What are your thoughts on this brand new trailer? Did all these spoilers in the new trailer upset you? Let me know in the comments below.

Featured image via Netflix.

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