Masters Of The Universe: Revelation Teaser Is All Kinds Of 80s Goodness!
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Masters Of The Universe: Revelation Teaser Is All Kinds Of 80s Nostalgic Goodness!

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BY June 11, 2021

Showrunner Kevin Smith has said many times that his new He-Man anime will be totally serving the fans and continue the story from the 1983 series. And judging by the new Masters Of The Universe: Revelation teaser, he couldn’t be more right. It’s a start to finish blast from the past of all kinds of nostalgia for anyone growing up in the 80s. Not only does the amazing teaser showcase everything anyone could ever want from a new iteration of He-Man, it also blares a popular 80s track over the whole thing. And it couldn’t be more appropriate for a show like this. This Masters Of The Universe: Revelation teaser really does get audiences excited for the return of He-Man and friends. Not to mention how amazing the anime actually looks, which is sure to get new audiences just as excited. 

How Masters Of The Universe: Revelation Teaser Keeps Things Old School

Masters Of The Universe: Teaser Teela. Image via Netflix.

The new Kevin Smith produced He-Man anime series has been in the works for a while at Netflix. The new series is a return to the Masters Of The Universe animated series that was made to sell actions figures, back in the day. But since then, the franchise evolved into its own thing. It’s had many movies, multiple animated reboots, merchandise, and an immense fan following. Currently, there are also multiple He-Man content in the works, outside of this new anime. 

The Masters Of The Universe: Revelation teaser looks incredible, while also retaining a lot of the look from the original series. The anime style and visuals look more modern-day with more clean and crisp lines. But it’s the character designs and the action that continue the nostalgia. All the characters look how they looked in the 80’s series. I mean, sure, He-Man finally ditched the bowl and got some layers in his hair-do. But the overall visual style of the series looks incredibly true to the original. The designs for characters like Teela (Sarah Michelle Geller), Man-At-Arms (Liam Cunningham), Battle Cat (Stephen Root), Skeletor (Mark Hamill), and others look more or less like their counterparts from over almost 40 years ago. 

The Anime Style Looks Stunning

Masters Of The Universe: Teaser Magic. Image via Netflix.

Despite the characters and everything looking like it did in the ’80s, it’s the animation style that captivates and makes it hard to look away. The Masters Of The Universe: Revelations teaser shows us very quick glimpses at almost every character in the larger MOTU franchise. You can see quick shots of Mer-Man (Kevin Conroy), Beast Man (Kevin Michael Richardson), Orko Griffin Newman), and more. But it’s the absolutely stunning new anime style that pulls you in. The glow up to the actual animation look is a great upgrade. And something that will make this old franchise very appealing to newer audiences. The action sequences look breathtaking and the various fight scenes make me very interested to discover the context behind them. 

Masters Of The Universe: Revelation Will Be A Direct Sequel

Masters Of The Universe: Teaser Skeletor Image via Netflix.

Filmmaker Kevin Smith is adapting the new He-Man series for Netflix, along with animation from Powerhouse Animation. The new series will pick up directly after the events of the original series. With the established world of He-Man, I’m curious to see how the writers will make this a series accessible to everyone. And not just something niche for hardcore fans of the original franchise. It should be an interesting exercise in providing exposition for new audiences. While still making the world feel lived in and nostalgic for existing fans. 

If the Masters Of The Universe: Revelation teaser is any indication, the makers are definitely doing a great job of balancing the new and old. The series looks like it has a lot of nostalgia for existing fans while being captivating enough for new audiences. But it’s Bonnie Tyler’s Holding Out For A Hero playing over the teaser that actually did it for me. And if that’s the kind of era-appropriate attention to detail that Smith and his team is putting into Revelation, then I’m already in!

The Masters Of The Universe: Revelation’s first part of 5 episodes premieres on Netflix on July 23. 

Did the new He-Man teaser get you excited for the new anime series? Let me know in the comments below. 

Featured Image via Netflix. 

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