Masters Of The Universe: Revelation Premiere Episode Is Great
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Masters Of The Universe: Revelation Premiere Episode Is A Flashback For He-Man Fans

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BY July 21, 2021

Kevin Smith’s new Netflix original anime series is a continuation of a massive toy franchise from back in the day. Now, I’ve spoken and written about this new show for the better part of two years, since its announcement. But I didn’t realize how ingrained I was in this fandom until I saw the new series. The Masters Of The Universe: Revelation premiere episode feels very much like a nostalgic throwback to those 80’s childhood moments for fans of the franchise. It delivers on all the promises of this series being a sequel, with an obvious upgrade to the visuals. Masters Of The Universe: Revelation’s premiere episode really does kick things off with a great start, and teases a sense of where the story is going next. 

He-Man Returns And Looks Freakin’ Amazing

Masters Of The Universe: Revelations premiere episode HeMan. He definitely has the power! | Image via Netflix.

Pardon my excitement, but of all the previous He-Man animated shows, Masters Of The Universe: Revelation’s visuals are the best. They adhere to the older designs, with the actual animation style making it really pop on screen. Looking back on the older content we loved is always difficult. Especially when, with the progress of technology, things never look quite as good as we remember. And we live in a world now when old is new again. So audiences want to revisit their own fandoms, for nostalgia, or to share those experiences with their kids.

But it’s difficult for this new generation, raised on Nintendo Switches and Pokemon Go, to pay attention to the blocky and blurry animation of the 80s. So in that sense, Masters Of The Universe: Revelation totally succeeds in creating the look and tone of a brand new show. And Powerhouse Animation’s style is very unique and impressive. Definitely will make it easier for newer audiences to jump into this new series, and the updated style can stay fresh in fans’ minds if they want to revisit the original Masters of the Universe series.  

Masters Of The Universe: Revelation Premiere Episode Continues a Story

Masters Of The Universe: Revelations premiere episode Sorceress. A original Sorceress Supreme. | Image via Netflix.

The new anime series is a sequel to the original He-Man animated series. The story really starts off with the established characters in the established world of Eternia. The opening actually starts with a celebration. Proving herself countless times in battle, Teela (Sarah Michelle Gellar) is finally about to get what she deserves in a ceremony promoting her to a Man-At-Arms, basically the Royal Guard to the King Of Eternia. During this ceremony, we’re introduced to all the characters, including the comic relief characters of scaredy-cat Cringer (Stephen Root) and the fumbling wizard Orko (Griffin Newman). 

One of the coolest things about the Masters Of The Universe: Revelation premiere episode is how accessible it makes the show. Despite its ability to make fans nostalgic, it’s pretty easy to jump into for new fans. The episode, through subtle exposition and organic character interactions, sets up the adventures of He-Man. Showrunner Kevin Smith does a great job of blending those moments with fun, light-hearted scenes. We learn of the royalty of Eternia, namely Prince Adam (Chris Wood). We find out how Teela is an accomplished warrior, and the adopted daughter of the lead of the Royal Guard, Man-At-Arms himself, Duncan (Liam Cunningham). But we also learn of the villains and their continued schemes to ruin everyone’s fun.

How The Villains’ Story Intersects With The Heroes’

 Teela. The classic Teela and Evil-Lynn | Image via Netflix.

Throughout this opening sequence of celebration, it’s intercut with a more ominous scene. Mysterious figures approach the iconic Castle Greyskull. Not only is it the home of the powerful Sorceress (Susan Eisenberg), it is also the source of He-Man’s power. As the villainous Skeletor (Mark Hamill) attacks the Sorceress, we learn that the bad guy of this series has been trying to break into Greyskull for, basically forever. But the Sorceress’ champion He-Man, always thwarts his attempts at domination. But this time, things are different, as he seemingly has her on the ropes. Cue the heroes coming to the resuce!

Through this situation at Castle Greyskull, we get to see He-Man and Skeletor have the throw-down people have been waiting four decades for. Only this time, Skeletor has some information about Greyskull that the audience and the heroes didn’t know. After an awesome action sequence, things take a dark turn, and relationships that seemed as solid as any face new tests and break. Also, there are real stakes here. In the old series, He-Man just kind of tossed the baddies out of the way. Thanks to Powerhouse Animation’s knack for fight scenes, these battles feel more real than they ever have.  

Masters Of The Universe: Revelations Premiere Episode Does Change the Show Drastically

Adam. Talk about a glow-up! | Image via Netflix.

It’s after this climactic battle sequence where the Masters Of The Universe: Revelation premiere episode veers into the unknown. So far, everything in this premiere episode is pretty standard fare with what fans could expect from He-Man. The reintroduction is nostalgic and fun and interesting. But with the final battle, the aftermath is dark and intriguing. The revelation (oh, I get it!) of the truth about magic on Eternia and He-Man leaves characters reeling. The end of the first episode shows audiences old and new, that the characters and relationships established in the series are not meant to last, at least not without some serious (and emotionally adult) changes.  

The Premiere Episode Gives Audiences A Lot To Work With

Masters Of The Universe: Revelations premiere episode featured.

Despite being an old property, the new Masters of the Universe series starts us off with a new and interesting idea. Characters’ loyalty is tested, and things on Eternia start to look very different. The show does put Teela at the forefront of this new He-Man story. Of course, she’s been the center of the show since the beginning, appearing in every episode and fighting right next to the heroes. The Masters Of The Universe: Revelation premiere episode gives a lot of depth and substance to that character, and teases the same for the others.

There is no denying that these characters were only created to sell toys. However, long after the figurines left the store shelves, their stories lived on in the minds of fans. The Masters of the Universe: Revelation premiere episode, and the first half of the first season, really dives into the substance that always lay under the surface of these iconic characters. In that sense, the premiere episode of this new show is a resounding success. Its ability to blend exposition with backstory and also add to a favorite franchise without betraying its core elements is a nigh-impossible task, but Smith and company nailed it. 

Masters Of The Universe: Revelation anime series debuts part 1 of its first season on July 23, 2021, on Netflix. 

What did you think about this new He-Man premiere episode? Let me know in the comments below. 

Featured image via Disney. 

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