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Marvel Future Avengers Anime To Stream On Disney+

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BY March 28, 2022

The Marvel Future Avengers Anime is one of the few times that Marvel has crossed over with the anime medium. And now that everything owned by Disney and Marvel is streaming on their streaming service Disney+, old and new, the Marvel anime will see a second life. Premiering on February 28, Marvel Future Avengers Anime will be available on Disney+. 

Marvel Future Avengers Isn’t The First Marvel Anime

Anime has not yet taken over the Western pop culture zeitgeist in the same way that comic book movies have in the past decade. However, the medium is still highly popular, enjoying a huge industry and fanbase worldwide. So it makes sense that one of the biggest fandoms in the world decided to collaborate with one of the biggest mediums. That is essentially how audiences saw a few Marvel projects made in the Anime medium. Mostly done as television shows, Marvel anime saw series based on Iron Man, Wolverine, X-Men, and Blade. The shows were fairly well to middling but provided a new approach to the stories of fan-favorite characters in a new setting told with a unique style of animation.

Marvel Future Avengers anime poster. Image via Disney XD.

Future Avengers Anime Is Not A Reboot

Most of the other Marvel anime collaborations were essentially reboots of specific characters, in Japanese settings done in Anime. However, Marvel Future Avengers anime was an original story set very much within the Marvel universe, with original characters. The story followed a trio of teenagers with powers raised by the evil organization known as HYDRA. They trained the teens to be a variation of the Avengers themselves, but as villains instead. Obviously for their own nefarious purposes.

Eventually, the teens realize how they’re on the wrong side, and try to leave the evil organization. Running into the real Avengers, the teens inadvertently intervene in their mission, helping the Avengers to defeat their former organization. Afterward, the Avengers take in the three kids, calling them Future Avengers and begin their training as superheroes. The Future Avengers anime focuses on the adventures of these three trying to find a place for them with the good guys.  With appearances by major Marvel universe characters such as Iron Man and Hulk. 

Disney+ Adds To Its Catalogue With This Marvel Anime

It’s now been confirmed in a new report by D23, that the English dub of Future Avengers anime will become a part of Disney+. Being added to the Disney+ library of content is a great comeback for the show that lasted 2 seasons. The fun and cheery anime series takes the best of western comic book characters and presents them in a new light. Who knows, if the series shows success when it comes to viewing analytics on Disney+, Marvel may either revive or create more Marvel-centric anime films or series. 

For now, Marvel Future Avengers anime will be streaming on Disney+ starting February 28. 

Are you excited about this Marvel anime to be available on-demand now? Let us know in the comments below. 

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