Kevin Smith Masters Of The Universe: Revelation Interview
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Kevin Smith’s Masters Of The Universe: Revelation Interview

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BY April 16, 2022

Kevin Smith is a pop-culture god! And I say this in the sense that the man went from fan-boy, to filmmaker, and then back to a professional fanboy on his many pop culture podcasts. His entire career is based on serving audiences from the perspective of a fan, but also one who pursues his own creative vision. And on that front, I had a chance to sit down, virtually of course, with the master of fan-service himself. While on tour to promote his latest new Netflix original anime, Smith did junkets discussing the motivations and approach to the massively popular He-Man franchise. So check out the breakdown of that Kevin Smith Masters Of The Universe: Revelation interview that I was a part of.

Kevin Smith Masters Of The Universe: Revelation Concept

Kevin Smith Masters Of The Universe Cringer.

Being the larger-than-life personality that Smith is, the junket immediately starts off on this incredible energy that only he can bring to the table. Smith has built an empire on talking about his movies, and other projects and just general reporting on geek-culture. So any interview with him is sure to be interesting. And this Kevin Smith Masters Of The Universe interview was no different.

Smith began the junket discussing his approach to the new Masters Of The Universe anime. The original announcement about the Revelation anime came almost 2 years ago, at Power-Con. Since then, Smith has told the story about how he got the job to show-run the new series from the head honchos at Mattel and Netflix themselves. The idea of a continuation of the story very much comes from Smith himself. Smith answers a question from Fred Topel from Showbiz Cheat Sheet, about how one of the ideas from part 1 of the series is something Smith wondered about himself when watching the original. And now, he gets to answer that question himself.

The Million Dollar Question About Fan Culture To A Pop Culture Icon

Kevin Smith Masters Of The Universe Merman

Smith provided a lot of insight into his process and approach to the new Masters Of The Universe: Revelation. Even providing a great background into how long he’s known the animation studio behind Revelation. The infamous Powerhouse Animation, responsible for other Netflix anime like Castlevania, Seis Manos, and more recently, Blood Of Zeus, also did Revelation. And Smith reveals how his relationship with them goes back over two decades, back to when Bennifer was still a thing.

But when given a chance to ask Kevin Smith a question, I wanted to get his thoughts on the entire toxic fan culture that we have today. Given that much of Smith’s career is based on, and thanks to the loyal army of fans that he’s accumulated over the years, I wanted to see what he thought of when things go wrong with fan culture. I specifically wanted to know if he thinks we’re ever going to become more accepting of other takes of our favorite franchises, like his take on He-Man. And I’m glad to say, Smith did not disappoint in his answer.

Will Fan Culture Ever Become Accepting Of Different Version Of Classic Franchises?

“At the heart of toxic fandom, is fandom. It basically starts from somebody who loves something more than other people do. They see it, understand it, and relate to it in a way that others can’t. It becomes important to them, beyond simple entertainment. So even at the most toxic levels of fandom, and thanks to the internet we’ve seen lots of these levels, you gotta remember, there’s somebody who loves something. At the heart of it.”

Surprisingly, Smith had a very optimistic take on the future of fan culture and focuses more on the common ground that every fan and fandom shares. It’s a philosophy that we share at, where we would rather celebrate what we like than overtly focus on the negatives of the things we don’t. While at the same time, Smith was gracious enough to school me on the, somewhat, origins of toxic fan culture as well.

“Kids, toxic fandom has existed since I was a child. This is nothing new. I would go to the San Diego Comic-Con in 1995 and I’m standing around with people who were like ‘Look at those *expletive* Star Trek people’, and they were dressed like Wookies, saying this about others. So there’s always been an ‘Eww, them’. Because in any culture or any place people build their own families, it’s acceptance for those who love exactly as you love, and it’s suspicions for those who are outside of that.”

Will Kevin Smith’s Attitude About Fan Culture Carry Over To Revelation?

Kevin Smith Masters Of The Universe Eye. .

While discussing all of this, Smith even revealed his less than stellar reactions to the Twin Peaks revival. He brought it up as a contrast to how given his platform, he can absolutely rag on the content he didn’t like, however, he prefers to raise the stuff he does like. And as a fan myself, I feel that perspective to fan culture is the only thing that can move us towards an environment where we can discuss, even the things we don’t like, with respect and civility. Similar to how the Comic Years team reviewed Wonder Woman 1984 on the Comic Years Podcast.

It’s very interesting to hear Smith talk bout fandom in this way given his own impact on geek culture over the last few decades. And Kevin Smith’s Masters Of The Universe: Revelation sequel will be one of the biggest things that the filmmaker will have done in a massive fandom, other than his own. We’ll have to wait until the release of the new Netflix anime to see how his ideas of positivity in fan culture impacts the revival of a huge fandom like Masters Of The Universe. 

Kevin Smith’s Masters Of The Universe: Revelation part 1 premieres on Netflix on July 23.

What did you think about Kevin Smiths’ take on fan culture and the toxicity from it in general? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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