Godzilla Singular Point Netflix Anime Tries To Keep The Kaiju Relevant
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Godzilla Continues To Stay Relevant With A New Netflix Anime Series

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BY February 10, 2022

Godzilla is one of those franchises that shows no signs of stopping. Despite its box office and critical successes, or lack thereof, there’s always a new incarnation of the Japanese Kaiju somewhere. After multiple feature film adaptations, with a crossover with King Kong on the way, a new series is also coming to Netflix. The Godzilla Singular Point Netflix anime series is the first series featuring the iconic creature and looks to be an interesting take on the character. 

Godzilla Singular Point Netflix Anime Series Is His First Show

Godzilla Singular Point Netflix anime movie. Image via Legendary Pictures.

Despite a lot of feature films made on him, 32 to be exact, this will be the first series. Coincidentally, it’s not the first anime for Godzilla, given the a three-part trilogy currently streaming on Netflix. Godzilla: Planet Of The Monsters (2017) is an anime that shows a world where humans return to Earth after 20,000 years, only to find things have gotten worse. The movie has two sequels, City On The Edge Of Battle and The Planet Eater, both released in 2018. 

Godzilla is always about a dinosaur-like creature, known as a Kaiju, that ravages the city it appears in, while the human characters try to deal with his appearance. Since his introduction, the character’s depiction varied from the typical monster movie villain, to an innocent creature that needs protecting. Many versions portray the creature as an ally that fends off other monsters and protects the Earth. The upcoming live-action Godzilla Vs. Kong movie is all about crossing over Godzilla with the King Kong franchise, another monster with similar story beats. (Also, they did this once before in 1962.)

The New Godzilla Anime Series Comes From Familiar Anime Creators

Godzilla Singular Point Netflix anime characters. Image via Netflix.

The Godzilla Singular Point Netflix anime comes from Studio Bones, the animation studio behind My Hero Academia. They are now partnering with Orange, who did the animation for the Beastars anime for the new series. Not only that, but many other acclaimed anime makers are behind the Godzilla Singular Point Netflix anime. The composer for Doraemon will provide the music as per the THR report. While a renowned animator behind movies like Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away is responsible for the Kaiju design of Godzilla for the new anime. 

With so much Godzilla coming our way, I  wonder what this new series will provide that we haven’t already seen. The anime medium of course provides a different texture to the events through a new lens that could possibly be gorier. But even with a different visual style, how can the story expand or reveal anything more than its previous iterations? Hopefully, the Godzilla Singular Point Netflix anime will provide a fresh take on the Godzilla story. If not, it’s always at least a little entertaining to watch a giant nuclear monster wreck shit.

The Godzilla Singular Point anime series will premier on Netflix in 2021. 

How do you feel about yet another Godzilla story coming up? Is it too much, or are there still stories left to tell with the God-like monster? Let us know in our social media feeds. 

Featured image via Toho. 


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