God Of High School Character Trailer Reveals Fighting Styles
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God Of High School Anime Characters Get Their Own Action-Packed Trailer

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BY February 10, 2022

God Of High School character trailer introduces us to the leads of the show. The Crunchyroll Originals anime has had an already amazing marketing campaign with a teaser, then a full trailer, and now even more footage. The new trailer names the characters that we already got familiar with from the others. The text-heavy trailer also outlines the premise of the series in a succinct way. 

Meet The Cast Of God Of High School Anime

God Of High School character trailer Jin Mori Image via Screen Grab.

Compared to the other trailers, the new God Of High School character trailer offers a straightforward synopsis of the show. It also introduces us to the main characters, by name, along with their fighting style, which is important for the series. 

The trailer kicks off with the introduction of Jin Mori, whose fighting style is known as Renewal Taekwondo. Jin, for all intents and purposes, seems to be the main protagonist of the series. Especially seeing how the last full trailer, gave him an emotional backstory that has to do with his family. Then we see Han Daewi, whom we know from the previous trailers is fighting to save a loved one. But in contrast, Han is shown here as a cool and emotionally detached guy. Han’s fighting style is Full Contact Karate. Lastly, but definitely not least, is Yoo Mira, who wants to restart her family’s sword business. Her technique is the most unique, only called Moon Light Sword Style. 

The God Of High School Character Trailer Is An Action Extravaganza

God Of High School character trailer You Mira Image via Screen Grab.

God Of High School anime is part the Crunchyroll Originals line-up about a special tournament for high school students. The story promises intense action, all built around an interesting, if not mysterious story. The tournament offers to grant its winner their one true desire. So naturally, this brings together high school-aged fighters from all over the world. However, one of the rules of the tournament seems to be that anyone can go up against anyone else. No matter their fighting technique, or any weapons that are used. This lack of any restriction when it comes to matching up fighting styles is also a focus of the new God Of High School anime character trailer. 

How God Of High School Anime’s Trailer Are Amping Up Excitement

It’s rare to see so many new trailers for anime when they are so close to premiering. But with The God Of High School anime, the marketing sure seems to be working. The action in all the trailers looks jaw-droopingly good. The fast-paced martial arts and weapons speak to one’s love for old-school Kung Fu movies. While a similar martial arts anime in Seis Manos impressed fans last year, God Of High School feels a lot more frantic and action-packed. Even compared to one of the best fighting anime in Dragon Ball Z, this one is less fantasy power-based, and seemingly more grounded and gritty. This could possibly be reflecting the raw motivations of the contestants and their need to fight to fulfill their heart’s desires. 

God Of High School anime premieres on Crunchyroll soon. 

What did you think about the latest God Of High School character trailer? Let us know in the comments below.

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