Gellar And Wood From Masters Of The Universe: Revelation Interview
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Interview: Sarah Michelle Gellar And Chris Wood From Masters Of The Universe: Revelation

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BY July 12, 2021

I had a chance to sit down with the great Sarah Michelle Gellar, responsible for her super geeky franchises like Buffy The Vampire Slayer, to talk about her latest project. And, oh yea, Chris Wood from Supergirl and The Vampire Diaries was there too. All jokes aside, the two actors participated in a press junket to promote their newest project, the original Netflix anime series from Kevin Smith. So check out my Sarah Michelle Gellar and Chris Wood Masters Of The Universe: Revelation interview below to find out what’s in store for these beloved characters. 

Masters Of The Universe: Revelation Voice Actors

Gellar Wood Masters Of The Universe heroes. Image via Netflix.

On the tour of promoting Masters Of The Universe: Revelation, voice actors from the show, Gellar, Wood, and Tiffany Smith sat down with us to talk about the new show. Revelation is a continuation and sequel to the 1983 Masters Of The Universe series that sees a sweet prince transform into the strongest warrior in the universe. The new show, an original Netflix anime comes from filmmaker Kevin Smith and is all about continuing that original story. 

Both Gellar and Wood’s Masters Of The Universe characters come from the original series. Gellar plays Teela, while Wood voices both Prince Adam and He-Man. Joining them, playing an original character created for the new series, is Tiffany Smith. The actors discuss their approaches to voicing these iconic characters, and the freedom they had in their creative liberties. And what working on the show meant to them personally. 

Gellar And Wood Masters Of The Universe Interview Gets Punchy At Times

Gellar Wood Masters Of The Universe Teela. . Image via Netflix.

As is the nature of any press junket, it’s exciting for the journalists like us, who get to fawn and gush over a chance to speak to their favorite performers. However, at times, it can get a little repetitive for the talent themselves. So when Gellar and Wood spend a lot of time joshing each other over the constant running jokes yes they share during the day’s press, it adds a more lighthearted vibe to the entire interaction. It’s also cool to see the two sharing many insides jokes with us as well. 

For Star Wars: Rebels fans, Gellar alludes to her husband’s envy over her one-season stint on Rebels garnering her a ride at the Parks, despite his four-season-long tenure at the same show. Gellar’s husband is Freddie Prinze Jr., who voices one of the leads of Rebels, Kannan Jarrus, who recently reprised his role for the premiere of The Bad Batch.  While Wood jokes about getting in shape for the role of He-Man before realizing it was animated. But with Noah Centineo no longer in the running for the live-action He-Man, why not Wood? 

Fielding a question from EJ Moreno from Flickering Myth, Gellar wished a chance to portray another iconic 80’s character in Jem from Jem And The Holograms. Which is in keeping with Gellar’s filmography so far. Gellar’s character in Masters Of The Universe: Revelation is definitely one that has a massive fandom. But she’s also played the live-action Daphne in two Scooby-Doo movies, voiced the Seventh Sister in Star Wars: Rebels, and April O’Neil in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Definitely not a stranger to genre fiction. So I took the chance of asking whether it was intimidating stepping into yet another beloved franchise, voicing another iconic character. 

Sarah Michelle Gellar On Voicing Teela

“I think I was excited. Because Teela was not defined before. And I felt like I would be welcomed. This world has been so welcoming to me, that I think they understand that I have love for these franchises and that I take it seriously. And I think people will be more excited for that side of it. And Kevin wouldn’t do wrong by these franchises. He loves this so much that he wouldn’t put people that he didn’t believe in.”

Gellar even went on to praise the new original anime itself, mentioning how even she became enamored with the series, despite not being the target audience for a show such as this. 

“I got sucked into the first five episodes too. And it’s not aimed at me necessarily, and I thought it was wonderful. Everyone’s performance, all of it.”  

And while Gellar in Masters Of The Universe had to bring life to a supporting character in Teela from the original series, Wood had an even more difficult time, having to voice the legendary He-Man himself. And as Gellar put it during the interview, Chris had it the hardest. Pressure’s all on Chris.

Chris Wood In Masters Of The Universe Voicing He-Man And Prince Adam

Gellar Wood Masters Of The Universe Adam. Image via Netflix.

Giving form to DC Comics character Mon-El in Supergirl is probably Wood’s most recognizable role. But the actor was in a lot of other popular series as well. So of course, I had to ask if playing both voices of the He-Man characters in this show was intimidating for Wood, or if it was another day at the office. 

“There’s certainly a barometer for expectations, and it’s certainly higher when it’s an icon like He-Man. … It made it easy that the scripts were so exciting and that this sort of revitalized, reimagined Masters. I didn’t go back and watch too much of the original show to take inspiration or compare, because I kind of figured that was casting and direction, and that was their job to make sure I fit into the world. And I just kind of did my own thing and hopefully, everyone likes it.”

Wood ended his Masters Of The Universe: Revelation interview with me also by praising the show itself, almost fanboying over it, like I totally expect to do when the show premieres on Netflix. 

“I love the show personally. feel like I’m a fan of the show, detached from being in it.

What was clear during this interview was that Gellar and Wood had an established chemistry together which is a vital element for acting, even voice acting. These junkets can be trying, but they greeted everyone with warmth and inside jokes. Assuming that energy carried over from their work recording their dialogue, we’re going to be in for a real treat when this show debuts.

Gellar and Wood will appear in Masters Of The Universe: Revelation part 1 releasing on Netflix on July 23, 2021. 

Are you more or less excited for this new reimagine sequel to He-Man after hearing the leads talk about their roles so passionately? Let me know in the comments below. 

Featured image via Netflix. 

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