Funimation Announces FunimationCon 2020: A Virtual Anime Event
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Having Had Enough Lockdown, Funimation Announces A Virtual Anime Convention

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BY May 8, 2020

Funimation announces FunimationCon 2020, a virtual anime convention. This announcement comes at a time when conventions with actual venues are getting cancelled. South By Southwest was one of the first victims of the COVID-19 pandemic. The prominent festival for music, movies, and art closed its doors for the first time in 30 years. Similarly, the cancellations followed for many conventions, festivals and award shows. Not to mention the postponement or cancellation of many film and TV productions. Seemingly having had enough, Funimation, one of the biggest anime streamers in the industry, has found a genius solution.

One Of The Biggest Anime Streamers Steps Up

Funimation is one of the leading anime streamers in the world. The company has had the rights to some of the biggest and best anime out there. It even made our list of the best anime streamers in the industry. So it’s not surprising that the company is the first to find a solution to the woes of anime fans. Deprived fans are unable to consume their favourite anime content due to the delays of many anime and manga. Similarly, the Anime Expo is also supposed to take place around this time every year. However, it’s a safe bet that the convention will follow a similar pattern as others. Enter FunimationCon 2020.

Funimation Announces FunimationCon 2020 Taking Place Virtually

The official announcement came from Funimation on their site, regarding the new initiative. FunimationCon 2020 will be a virtual anime conventions for fan in the USA and Canada. The online event will take place on July 3 and 4, as a two-day stream. The event will feature cosplay meetups, industry panels, Q&A sessions and much more. In other words, the virtual anime event will serve as an alternative to the many live anime events that have seen cancellations. Talking about the new Con, Funimation General Manager Colin Decker had this to say.

“FunimationCon is a chance for us to give back to a community which has supported us for over 25 years by re-imagining the convention experience. With so many anime events being canceled this year, we’re jumping in to fill the gap with a new way for fans to come together and enjoy some great content and experiences.” — Colin Decker. Funimation, GM.

Will Virtual Cons Like FunimationCon Become The Norm?

Funimation announces FunimationCon poster. Image via Funimation.

As Funimation announces FunimationCon, the idea of a virtual convention or festival is not new. With the many film festivals canceled this year, there is already an upcoming, free, 10-day virtual film festival in the works. The We Are One festival will see the bigger film festivals from all over the world come together to showcase their content on YouTube. The fest is in association with Tribeca and YouTube, premiering on May 29. As a result, I can’t help wonder if this will become the new normal. FunimationCon 2020 should be an interesting experiment, seeing how many anime voice actors have already set up home studios to be able to continue working during the lockdown. It’s also a way to make a convention like this accessible to those unable to travel to attend in person.

FunimationCon 2020 will take place on July 3 and 4 for the USA and Canadian audiences.

Are you excited about a virtual anime convention? Let us know in the comments below.

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