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Death Note TV Series Reportedly in Works by Netflix

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BY April 11, 2023

After many anime-to-TV adaptations by Netflix, both successful and unsuccessful, rumors are swirling around about Netflix’s upcoming project Death Note TV Series. If they, indeed, picked up this anime to adapt it, who will be in the main cast? Check out all the information we have. 

Death Note TV Series in Works by Netflix

After two live-action adaptations of this anime, Netflix is reportedly working on a Death Note TV series. Whether or not this is actually happening, we decided to cover the information we have so far. 

Since this is only a rumor as of this moment, we can only make speculations based on the past. For example, we do know several successful producers that adapted anime series in the past. In addition, Netflix only ever works with a small number of them. 

One of these production teams that created high-quality content for Netflix is the Duffer Brothers. However, this is merely based on fans’ wishes! With a history of dark, supernatural, and awesome programmes, fans wish to see the Duffer Brothers’ (Stranger Things) twist on the Death Note TV series. 

In addition, fans quickly made their choices when it comes to the potential cast. One American actor particularly stands out. That is Willem Dafoe, who could potentially portray Ryuk. Check out the entire cast that the Death Note fandom picked out. 

Death Note’s cast

With the rumors about Netflix’s Death Note TV series, fans already decided on the main cast! Once again, we pray that Netflix hears us out. Therefore, here are our choices.

Firstly, the main characters are L, Light Yagami, Misa, Kiyomi, and Mello. When it comes to the casting choices for L, fans opted for either Alex Lawther or Timothee Chalamet. Both of these actors have experience in playing similar characters to L. 

In addition, fans would love to see either Emily Alyn Lind or Kiernan Shipka as Misa. Misa plays a key role in the anime. This is why she would be just as important in the potential Death Note TV series. 

Next, we chose Emma Dumont for the role of Kiyomi Takada. For the role of Mello, who’s a recurring character in Death Note, fans chose Dacre Montgomery or Jamie Campbell Bower (Stranger Things co-stars). 

A clash of two great actors, both Charlies, happens for the role of Light Yagami. Namely, fans would love to see either Charlie Heaton or Charlie Rowe as Light Yagami. Lastly, Willem Dafoe would perfectly portray the strange character by the name Ryuk.

This anime already received two adaptations, one from 2006 (full-Japanese cast, 7.3/10 IMDB score) and another one from 2017 (American cast, 4.5/10 IMDB score). That being said, let’s hope that Netflix does a better job with the potential Death Note TV series!

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